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We Only Report the News…

Like The New Yorker, NPR is one of those things that you tell people you like in order to impress them and make them think you’re smarter than you really are. While I do occasionally listen to NPR, it’s typically because I accidentally hit the wrong buttons when trying to flip between KIIS FM and AMP Radio. On top of that, I’m not going to lie to you…I only have it programmed in my car so that anyone else who rides in it will think I have more brain cells than the minimum needed to analyze the lyrics of “Ridin’ Solo” (no offense to Jason Derulo- it’s really catchy!). The main reason I have a hard time listening to NPR? It’s not the stories (which are fairly interesting), but the way they are delivered. Dull and montone – they are almost enough to put me to sleep…on a Thursday afternoon…on the 405.

So, when I first watched this video put together by NPR’s team, I was shocked. Sure, the dancing is off, and the movement is horribly, horribly uncomfortable and awkward – but it made me want to tune in and give the station a second chance. Maybe they should start playing GaGa in between stories about the secret ways to order a Big Mac and the undoubtedly-crazy history of Yoga.


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