The Smoggers


What DVD do you hide when people come to your place?

  • PARENT TRAP, 1998. Who would have guessed the whole twin thing was just a metaphor for the duality of Lindsay’s mind?

Margaritas or sangria?

  • Secret answer C, Mojitos. Preferably from Pink Taco. Preferably dirtied up with that  stomach ulcer-inducing rum.

In love with LA… but does the city love you back?

  • A few weeks after moving here, I couldn’t breathe and had to go to the ER. Turns out the city I love gave me asthma. But it’s like swapping herpes—now you both have it, and judgment is out the window.

Your best friend has just deplaned at LAX. Where are you headed?

  • Vegas. Or Carl’s Junior if gas prices are up.

If you throw a stone in this city, you’re bound to hit….

  • Some lost dignity, an unnaturally good-looking human, and a taco truck. All at once.


What are the top three establishments you’ve been kicked out of?

  • Well, Winston’s most recently for ending up in the girls bathroom – don’t ask. The Room in Santa Monica for telling the DJ he had bad taste. And, V at the MGM Grand in Detroit for climbing into a combination dance cage/stripper pole.

Most underwhelming celebrity sighting?

  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt at Cafe Vida in the Palisades. Sunday brunch is for curing the headache from your hangover, not causing a new one.

Why LA? Why not…elsewhere?

  • I tried Chicago for four years. Apparently, people outside of LA look down on being judgemental and superficial. Yeah, that doesn’t work for me.

If you throw a stone in this city, you’re bound to hit….

  • A Prius, a castmember from a variation of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, a born-again-vegan, and a medical marijuana dispensary.

Who’s the bigger bitch? You or MM?

  • In most cases, I’d say this town is only big enough for one bitch like me. Luckily, MM prefers the East side, and I stick to the West Side. But beware- when our worlds collide, a lot of egos get bruised in the process.