What Do We Have to Look Forward to on the Tween Networks? More of the Same. Hurray!

There are two types of shows that end up on the tween channels ABC Family and the CW — the bad ass ones like Gossip Girl, and the wimpy ones you watch with your mother, like Life Unexpected. ABC Family used to be pure wimp, CW used to be more bad ass. But it looks like they’re both taking cues from one another and blurring the lines.  Shall we take a look at what the baby cable networks decided young girls and other-people-too-old-to-watch-shit-but-somehow-we-get-sucked-in-anyway will be watching this fall?  —


I don’t even know if ABC Family’s boring gymnastics show Stick It is still on, nor I do care to any immense degree, but looks like the CW decided to go ahead and create the same show with cheerleaders. Watch the boring trailer full of awkward non-talking/nondescript movements, and then get excited for this gem to shine on the fall schedule–

Pretty Little Liars

So then ABC Family was like, hey, if you’re going to steal our boring gymnastics show, we’re going to make a less-intense, less-interesting version of Gossip Girl and call it Pretty Little Liars. No one will be as attractive as they are on GG, and there’s no way this show will weasel its way into pop culture like the CW hit did, but why not give it a whirl? Trailer below–


Like.. La Femme Nikita. Upcoming CW show. Looks kind of cool, but will I watch? Nah. All this action will get in the way of the characters scheming and shopping. Let’s be honest, I can knock the CW and ABC Family shows all I want, but they’ve got me wrapped around their litttttle fingers with their formulaic soaps.


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