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Check out this hilarious video from viral site Everything is Terrible! We love it for two reasons: 1) reminding us why 90’s fashion shouldn’t come back; and 2) making us cringe from embarassment…over the internet.


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Before Youtube… We Had Bob Saget

Whatever Youtube. Bob Saget did it better. He did EVERYTHING better. And remember those AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS episodes where Uncle Jessie and Joey would stop by the show and say hey, thereby making the ABC executives of 1991 froth at the mouth with delight at the monopoly they had created on the Midwestern public?

Now that Youtube has turned into a giant marketing machine, shall we take a look back at a simpler time? Am I the only one who desperately misses the early to mid-90’s? Probably. But you can’t deny it — Bob Saget looks damn good in his extra tall suit.


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TOY STORY Characters for Kids of the 90’s

TOY STORY 1 and 2 kind of came out when I still had a semblance of my childhood. I think I recognized most of the characters. But TOY STORY 3… different story. Chunk? Peas-in-a-Pod? Are these real toys that children play with? I guess I’m just out of touch with the kids these days.

who the EFF is that? via Pixar

The new and third film in the franchise still has those old stand-by toys that cross generations, like Mr. Potatohead and Woody the cowboy doll. But if Pixar really wanted to reach out to the Millennials, we brats of the 90’s, here are some toys we were into that would be great characters:

The sensai of the toy world. A favorite of children everywhere. He is everywhere and nowhere. Exists, and yet doesn’t. Voiced by Sam Elliott.

Here is one toy that’s gonna see what it’s like to be on top… then have his world come tumbling down. Top Dawg is about to get slammered. Voiced by Pauly Shore.

As a talking pack of candy cigarettes, Ciggie isn’t what she seems. The other toys are wary of her too-cool-for-school attitude… until they realize she’s just a poser and dump her ass. Voiced by Nicole Polizzi (aka Snooki).


Box was orphaned out on the curb until some kid drags him into the house and introduces him to the other toys. But toys be warned — Box is a shapeshifter and can pretty much replace any toy at any time. Voiced by Meryl Streep.


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Why Aren’t You Following… SISTER, SISTER

via tvshowsondvd

Um, you weren’t aware that the stars of SISTER, SISTER were on Twitter? For shame. My 2010 Twitter goal is to collect the full set of TGIF superstars.

Tamera Mowry

Choice post:

“I would looove to do broadway!!”

Tia Mowry

Choice post:

“Some people never heard of fried chicken and waffles??? Whhhhhaaat? It is the bizzznessss…”


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