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Thank You For Being a Friend (at Any Age)

Yes, it’s true that Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose don’t exactly make most think of fashion and fornication like the names Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha do. However, there’s something about these South Florida retirees that has struck a chord with viewers of almost every age for the past two decades. While the show ran initially on NBC in the 80’s and early 90’s, it has settled into a nice retirement of nearly constant reruns on Lifetime. This “second life” has given the show a whole new generation of viewers. So, when Nylon posted its thoughts on a potential cast for a younger version of  The Golden Girls, it gave me an interesting idea. Since that other foursome of (sometimes) single ladies got a prequel, why can’t the Golden Girls as well? 

Friendship is golden at any age. via NylonMag.com

Imagine this potential episode – “Pussycat” Sophia and her cross-dressing brother Phil pick up high school senior Dorothy from the prom, where Dorothy’s high school sweetheart, Stan, had just knocked her up. While driving Dorothy home, their car accidentally hits Rose, a tourist who is visiting New York from St. Olaf with her eight siblings in search of Bob Hope, who she believes is her biological father. Offering to help Rose find her father out of guilt, Sophia and Dorothy venture into the city to find Bob Hope. However, they instead confuse him with lookalike Curtis Hollinsworth. After a long conversation, Curtis introduces the three ladies to his daughter, Blanche, who lovingly only refers to him as “Big Daddy.” It could work, right? I guess it is a bit of a stretch… 


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It’s Hard to Say Goodbye: TV Most Memorable Series Finales

Just like dating, watching a TV show is about keeping up a relationship. Over the years, you grow up with the characters and experience the same things they feel. The only difference? While they may let you down from time to time, they can never fight with you – making it a thousand times better than a real relationship. After so many years with 24, Lost, and Law & Order, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye. Let’s take a look at some other series finales that we still remember after all this time.

The Cosby Show – April 30, 1992
After so many years on top of the ratings, Bill Cosby’s seminal sitcom had to fall from its throne at some point. By 1992, it was clear that America was ready to say goodbye. In the last episode, Theo graduates from college and Cliff Huxtable reminisces on the past years – flashing back to scenes from the pilot. In the last scene, Cliff finally fixes the family’s doorbell (a recurring joke throughout the series), and break character by walking off to thank the audience for a long run.

M*A*S*H – February 28, 1983
Bringing this seminal series to a close was probably not easy, but the show’s producers managed to do it while attracting 121.6 million viewers to join in the 4077th’s closing party after the last cease-fire of the Korean War was signed. This episode held the record for most watched telecast of all time until it was broken earlier this year by Super Bowl XLIV.

The Sopranos – June 10, 2007
I don’t know where the time went, but three years have passed since The Sopranos signed off TV for good. For a series known for its graphic violence, often unexpected plot twists, and willingness to kill off characters both large and small, the finale was dramatic mostly for its simplicity. After playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” (and inspiring countless imitations…ahem…Glee), the show cut to black – leaving the ending completely up to viewers’ interpretations.

St. Elsewhere – May 25, 1988
This is the finale that has stirred the most discussion over the years. Whether an cop-out or a fitting end, the series ends when a father puts his autistic son, Tommy Westphall’s, snow globe of St. Eligius on a TV set and call him to dinner. Imagine that! After six years, it all ended up being a figment of a kid’s imagination. There’s probably nothing scarier to a Lost fan than this scenario. Unfortunately, the dream/imagination ending is somewhat common – it was also used to wrap up Roseanne, Life on Mars, and Newhart.

The Wonder Years – May 12, 1993
This is one that I honestly can’t watch. I tear up every time it’s on. While most family drama finales have happier endings, Kevin & the Arnold family had a sadder one than many viewers were expecting (albeit – probably a more realistic one than most other shows). After experiencing the radically changing world of the 1960’s with the Arnolds, Kevin signs off. In his last narration we learn about the fate of the family we came to care about so much – and how they all grew up after their “wonder years.”

The Golden Girls – May 9, 1992
After seven seasons, how can any ending be a fitting thank you for being our friend for so many years? While Dorothy’s departure to begin her new married life in Atlanta splinters this fearsome foursome, it ends up not being the end for this sitcom – a short-lived sitcom entitled The Golden Palace tried to relive this show’s glory, but was quickly cancelled.

ER – April 2, 2009
After 331 episodes, it was finally time to say goodbye to the doctors of County General. May of the show’s former cast members came back to pay their respects and honor the longest running cast member, Noah Wyle (who played Dr. Carter). After they performed some last life-saving techniques and shared some final emotional moments together, the show ends just as it begun – showing doctors in their typical routines during another typical day of life at the ER – and revealing the hospital’s full exterior for the only time in the entire show’s run.

With nearly 35 years of television combined between them, Lost, Law & Order, and 24 have a lot to live up to.


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The Jersey Spin-off

A few weeks ago, we told you about the Persian-themed spin-off of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Frighteningly, yet predictably, that was just the beginning. Now, two more spin-offs have begun the development process (which, as anyone in entertainment can tell, doesn’t mean anything). But with that said, there is a chance that these nightmares of shows could one day become real-live series. So, what should we be looking out for?

Wicked Summer

Forget Jersey. Why not move up the coast to move down in classiness? After all, Bostonians are just as abrasive and arrogant as Jersey residents, right? Well, I guess we’ll all have the chance to find out. Location aside, Wicked Summer would be almost identical to Jersey Shore – summer setting, strangers sharing a house, and beach locale. Actually, put that way, it sounds like just another season of The Real World. But oh no, it’ll be much, much worse than just some drunk hot-tub threesomes and uneducated fights about politics. Trust me. One word: mass-holes.

Something tells me he isn't lining up to be cast. via Babble

Sunset Daze

Well, you won’t find this one on MTV. WEtv has moved forward with this series, about a group of senior strangers living together in a suburban Arizona home. I’m not kidding. Somehow, I don’t think wild hookups, drunken bar fights, and STDs will be the topics that dominate this house. However, as much as I want to diss this show, there is a strange Golden-Girl-loving side to me that is oddly intrigued…

There hasn't been this much drama since the Great Depression! via WEtv

What’s next? A brothel of prostitutes living together in Las Vegas? Oh wait, The Real World already did that…twice.


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Betty Makes Everything (Even NBC) Golden

Now that the late night war between Leno and Conan seems to have receded, it may once again be safe for Leno fans, terrified of red-haired fanatics, to come back out of the closet. While I didn’t really take a side in this battle, as I mostly watch Food Network and DVR-ed Greek at 11:35PM, I can say I’m a big Betty White fan. If last night’s Golden Girl block on Lifetime wasn’t enough for you, check out the cold opening from Leno’s first show back on THE TONIGHT SHOW.

Betty on Last Night’s show


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