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Glee Goes GaGa

While every other show is busy wrapping up its season (or series), Glee still has a few songs to belt out before school’s out for the summer. Of those remaining, next week’s Lady Gaga-themed episode, “Theatricality,” is probably the most hotly anticipated. Revolving around introverted Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), the storyline will focus on self-expression, and culminates in Tina becoming a goth. Yeah. Keep in mind, this is the same show that recently named guest star Jonathan Groff’s character “Jesse” pretty much solely so it could use the song “Jessie’s Girl.” We never said we watched this show for the plot…

Regardless of the questionable storyline, we can’t lie about our excitement to watch “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face” as performed by McKinley High’s finest. You can download those songs from next week (and others from the rest of the season) for free here. I think it’s safe to say that as long as the show keeps up the quality of its musical numbers, Glee’s got a halo around its finger around me.

Are you in Glee's orbit? via TVovermind


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GLEE in the Hands of a Rock Junkie… What a Scary Place We’ve Found

Madonna last week, a cameo by Olivia Newton-John this week, Lady Gaga and Britney episodes on the way… Glee definitely has its favorite artists, and by now the show has made enough of a pop culture impact that the music industry is paying plenty of attention. But I’ve noticed that the Glee playlist is pretty much the same you’d find on any drag queen’s iPod — so what about the rest of us? As a rockaholic, here are some of the themed episodes I’d love to see on Glee —


Alice + Artie = Gold

Kurt’s dad makes some more gay comments, sending the little guy into a heartbreaking rendition of “Only Women Bleed.” Rachel gets all up in Mercedes’ grill – as usual, that obnoxious bitch – and Mercedes breaks out a defiant “Go To Hell.” Cameo by Alice singing a duet of “Dead Babies” with Artie because, well, that’d be awesome for no particular reason.



Confused Male Teacher intros with “Master of Puppets,” while Confused Female Teacher with Bug Eyes sings “Poor Twisted Me.” The Glee Gang competes against the bad ass rivals, but take home the prize with their a cappella version of “Stone Cold Crazy.”


Singin' alone, drinkin' alone

Obligatory: Finn sings “You Talk Too Much” to Rachel in the beginning of the episode, which later prompts her sloppy bar scene tune “1 Whiskey, 1 Scotch, and 1 Beer.” Confused Male Teacher sings “I Really Like Girls” — no one believes him. And then Quinn sings “Woman with the Blues,” and we all get sad and shit.


He'd mess them kids up.

Sue Sylvester makes an appearance with “Raw Power” as she leads the Cheerios to Nationals. Tries to thwart the Glee club’s attempts to -fill in the blank-, but the kids fight back with “Gimme Danger.” Confused Female Teacher with Google Eyes serenades Confused Male Teacher with “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” Interrupted by an Iggy cameo, and, well, the truth about Teacher’s sexuality is at last revealed!

Oh, and here’s the Olivia Newton-John “Physical” cameo if you didn’t catch it last night:


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GLEEful Possibilities

Hot off the critically acclaimed and highly rated Madonna-themed episode of GLEE, the show’s creators and cast have buzzed about the possibility of future themed episodes. We already know that a Lady Gaga episode is on the way, and that a second Madonna episode will premiere early next year, but what else is in the pipeline? 

Will "Me Against the Music" be in "The Power of Madonna 2"? via Flickr

Well, if internet petitioners and twitter users have their way, Britney Spears could be getting her own episode soon as well. We can almost see it now – Sue Sylvester’s rendition of “Toxic,” Kurt’s version of “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman,” or maybe even Rachel’s very own “Piece of Me”? Could one too many slushees in the face cause one of the fierce singers to shave their hair off? Or maybe marry a back up dancer, only to get a reality show devoted to weight loss later on? 

PaparazzGLEE via Flickr

Another possibility could be Billy Joel or Courtney Love themed episodes. While I have to admit I don’t know much of Courtney’s repertoire (if one even exists), the idea of a pop train wreck storyline seems too similar to Britney’s blackout-era collection for a completely independent episode. As for Billy Joel? Well, he certainly has a large collection to work from, but with so many New York-centric hits, would they work in a suburban Ohio setting? 

Flavors of the week. via Flickr

How about these ideas? A Disney-themed episode – it could totally work with all the growing up plotlines, self-discovery themes, and focus on underdogs. A Broadway-themed episode? Sure, the show has played with musicals – “Defying Gravity” and “Don’t Rain on My Parade” being two big examples of that – but what about a full episode of show tunes? And finally, what about episodes devoted to the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis, or others who have made music what it is? Sure, Madonna and Britney are great, but music does go back further than 25 years…even if most of us may have trouble thinking back that far. 

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GLEEcap: The Power of Madonna

In case you missed it last night (or American Idol‘s run-over made you miss the last 2 minutes of the episode), here were the best three moments of GLEE‘s eagerly anticipated episode “The Power of Madonna.”

“Just Like A Prayer” – Full Cast – Probably Madonna’s most well known song, and the appropriate climax of an incredible episode.

“Four Minutes” – Mercedes & Kurt – While I wasn’t so into this one when I found out it would be on the episode, it was executed incredibly. Just like they’ve been pleading on the show, its clear that Amber and Kurt definitely deserve their time to shine.

Video here.

“Like a Virgin” – Rachel, Jesse, Finn, Santana, Will and Emma – Sure, it’s one of the most cliche Madonna songs around, but the choreography and intensity really built up this scene. For a song that can often sound so tired and karaoke, it sounded great, and looked even fresher. (sorry for the video’s bad quality)


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Are You Ready for Tomorrow Night?

Tuesdays are normally a day of anxiously awaiting LOST at 9:00PM; however, tomorrow will be another story. In case you’ve been living under a layer of volcanic ash for the past week, you’ll know that the GLEE episode everyone has been waiting months for will be airing on Fox tomorrow at the same time – “The Power of Madonna.” Check out the first music video from the episode below – Sue Sylvester’s take on “Vogue.”

I hope your tivo’s been working out – it’s gonna be a big night tomorrow!

UPDATE: All the songs from “The Power of Madonna” have leaked online – listen to them here.


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Link It Up: 4.15.10

You may not be able to catch a break in this town, but your agent can. [via Deadline Hollywood]

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The Glendon on…Glendon opened today. Is a Westwood renaissance underway? [via Eater LA]

As if it wasn’t hard enough, getting into college was even harder this year. [via LA Times]

Not a toilet. UCLA's upside down fountain. via Flickr


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A Gleeful Return

If you’ve been patiently waiting for Glee to return since it went on break several months ago, you’re in good company. While this week’s episode, “Hell-o,” will be the official Spring Premiere, next week’s episode “The Power of Madonna,” is the one people have really been buzzing about. Some early previews of the songs being sampled in the episode have leaked. If you can’t wait (and we don’t blame you)…check them out below.


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