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Designers in Front of the Camera

If there’s one thing Project Runway has taught us, it’s that designers aren’t always as attractive as their creations (see: Santino, season 2). But occasionally there comes a designer that could probably walk in their own shows and everyone would just mistake him or her for another model.

via Marc Jacobs

And so we have Marc Jacobs, the quiet but gorgeous designer that makes amazing clothing and has an equally as amazing face. For his new fragrance campaign, he’s  oiled up and, um, out there for all to see. But he’s not the first designer to get in on the modeling action. The equally delicious (ugh, I wish I was a gay man) Tom Ford also starred in his own fragrance campaign. Oh my bless-ed eyes!

via Tom Ford

Then there’s been Kimora Lee Simmons, etc, but do we really need pictures of them? Nah. There’s a difference between the higher art of Jacobs and Ford, and the fame-whoring of Kimora. The higher designers could sell their products without us ever seeing their faces,  but the Kimoras of the world couldn’t sell anything without their faces being plastered all over their products and ads. Here’s to seeing more of Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs’ faces… and whatever else we need to see of theirs in their ads :-).

Yeah, that’s right… a SMILEY FACE. I went there.


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Smog Alert: Refinery29 Sample Sale!

From Friday, May 21, until Sunday, May 23, Refinery 29 will be hosting an “East West Tage Sale” on samples from Band of Outsiders, Helmut Lang, Rogan, Vena Cava, Sophomore, Steven Alan, Wren, and more. Items will be 50% off.

Another reason to empty your wallet this weekend. Great. via Refinery29

The sale will take place at Space 15-Twenty at 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd (just above Hollywood Blvd.) in Hollywood.

More details here.


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Have It Your Way

Attention: all you struggling graphic designers and artists out there- your prayers have been answered. Tons of new customizable and do-it-yourself shopping sites are popping up all over the internet. One of the most exciting trends? Allowing users to post their artwork and giving them a small cut of the profit when others buy their designs. 

Is that Charlie? via Threadless


Threadless – Probably our favorite of these sites is Threadless,  which allows you to pick from thousands of unique designs (most drawing from pop culture sensations like Lost, Conan, The Dark Knight, etc.). You can also sign up for their t-shirt of the month club, submit designs and win prizes, and compete with others on the site in designing competitions. 

Dreaming of a world with no fashion victims. via ThreadBanger


Threadbanger – You can’t technically buy things from Threadbanger, but they will teach you how to make anything you could ever want. Threadbanger is more of mini TV network, focusing on videos that tell viewers about do-it-yourself fashion. If you’re artistically inclined, this could be a great source of ideas. On the other hand, if you can’t thread a needle…this may not be the site for you. 

Take a shot at looking at this site. via DesignByHumans

Design by Humans – I’m not going to lie – I wouldn’t be caught dead in half of the items featured on this site. However, with that disclaimer, if you surf through the insane variety of designs offered (all by different artists), there are some really interesting and inspired gems. A lot of their images are way too bold for my taste, but they could make some excellent conversation starters. 

The one thing you should always keep in mind about do-it-yourself fashion? If someone tells you that you look bad, you have no one blame but yourself. 


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The Summer Will Be Neon

Even on LSD, she still can't sing. via This Is Max

As if you needed any other reason to believe the 80’s are back, Ke$ha’s newest music video for “Your Love Is My Drug” proves that neon is going to be everywhere this summer. Here are some easy places to pick up accessories to complete the look before Memorial Day officially kicks things off.

It'll leave quite a calling card. via NY Magazine

Nars’ Limited-Edition Multiple Tint Tubes [via NY Magazine]

If you're gonna get cuffed, at least make sure you look good. via Teen Vogue

Diane Von Furstenberg Woven Wire Bracelets [via Teen Vogue]

Into the Blue. via Mosley Tribes

 Mosley Tribes Blue With Sea Enforcer Sunglasses [via Mosley Tribes]

For the Chicago and New York readers...fave fun. via ASOS

London Undercover Super Mini Folded Neon Umbrella [via ASOS]

Step it up. via ELLE.com

Vans Neon Classic Slip-ons [via ELLE]

 Just don’t let it go this far:


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Get Styled

Sure, it’s easy to check out the latest celebrity styles in magazines like US Weekly or People and try to replicate your idol’s look…but what about when you see someone on the street and feel too uncomfortable to ask them about their sense of style? Well, fashion website Style Like U may be able to help.

Celia's closet. via Flickr

While they won’t be able to track down that person you saw walking down Santa Monica Blvd, they will be able to provide you with some online examples to hopefully trigger some inspiration.

Not American Apparel. via StyleLikeU

Check the site out, along with their tips on how to look like the “models” aka everyday people they feature. Just keep in mind that looking good isn’t easy…so the hits are few and far between.


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ASOS: Quite Possibly the Best Webstore…Ever

Cavallari's cover. via TheLipstickDiaries

Online clothing store ASOS was officially launched in the year 2000, but I only discovered the site until late last year. While many have proclaimed the past decade as one of “zero” or nothingness, I can safely say that this one discovery at the eleventh-hour of 2009, made that decade as a whole worthwhile for me. While it began as a clothing store, ASOS has transformed over the years, and now produces its own clothing, publishes its own magazine, and has become a lifestyle brand in its own right.

Bilson's back...in magazines, at least. via IvoryGlam

But, be careful with ASOS. On a recent night, a casual visit resulted in a massive emptying of my wallet, the loss of hours of productivity, and a strange (but temporary) yearning to be British. The reasons why this site is so amazing are many – an insane amount of variety, shockingly low prices, fashion-forward choices, and probably the most easily navigable shopping site I’ve ever seen. What other internet portal lets you search by size, style, color, brand, and price range all at once? And then once you’ve found something, let’s you have almost every detail you could ask about the product. Best of all? For us Americans, you can conveniently switch the site from pricing in pounds to American dollars. Genius! Unless you don’t really want to know how much you’re spending…which I often find I don’t…

Gaga goes wild for Asos. via Flickr

I’d love to keep ASOS my little secret, but it’s only a matter of time until it’s everywhere. When it’s this easy to use, this in-style, and this rapidly on the rise, how could it ever stay a secret forever?


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Link It Up: 5.6.10

Did Simon get out at the perfect time? Idol’s ratings have dropped to levels not seen since Justin Guarini. [via Deadline]

Leno raises some eyebrows by suggesting terrorists are on Team Coco. [via THRfeed]

Who What Wear judges who wore what at the Met Ball. [via WWW]

Governor Schwarzenneger tweetpicked on Cinco de Mayo. Yep, you read that right. [via LAist]

It's game time in LA. via Flickr


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