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Thank You For Being a Friend (at Any Age)

Yes, it’s true that Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose don’t exactly make most think of fashion and fornication like the names Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha do. However, there’s something about these South Florida retirees that has struck a chord with viewers of almost every age for the past two decades. While the show ran initially on NBC in the 80’s and early 90’s, it has settled into a nice retirement of nearly constant reruns on Lifetime. This “second life” has given the show a whole new generation of viewers. So, when Nylon posted its thoughts on a potential cast for a younger version of  The Golden Girls, it gave me an interesting idea. Since that other foursome of (sometimes) single ladies got a prequel, why can’t the Golden Girls as well? 

Friendship is golden at any age. via NylonMag.com

Imagine this potential episode – “Pussycat” Sophia and her cross-dressing brother Phil pick up high school senior Dorothy from the prom, where Dorothy’s high school sweetheart, Stan, had just knocked her up. While driving Dorothy home, their car accidentally hits Rose, a tourist who is visiting New York from St. Olaf with her eight siblings in search of Bob Hope, who she believes is her biological father. Offering to help Rose find her father out of guilt, Sophia and Dorothy venture into the city to find Bob Hope. However, they instead confuse him with lookalike Curtis Hollinsworth. After a long conversation, Curtis introduces the three ladies to his daughter, Blanche, who lovingly only refers to him as “Big Daddy.” It could work, right? I guess it is a bit of a stretch… 


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Link It Up: 5.12.10

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Hollywood hideout. via Flickr


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Link It Up: 5.10.10

Betty White’s SNL was incredible – and her skit about muffins got us all hot and bothered. [via Gawker]

Who’s Anatomy? Ellen Pompeo may be leaving the show named after her character. [via CNN]

Mr. Eko isn’t coming back to Lost. Fans everywhere carve walking sticks to protest. [via EW]

Don’t get blown over. It’s supposed to get mighty windy here in LA for a couple days. [via KCBS]

It's been a lonely season so far for fans. via Flickr


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Dreams Can Come True…Betty White Hosting SNL

Facebook may be the source of many evils in our world – obsessive stalking, procrastination, continuous oversharing… but it has finally brought us something truly amazing. Due to the the overwhelming success of a facebook petition, Betty White will be hosting Saturday Night Live on Saturday, May 8.

In case you forgot, Betty White is 88. While most actors stop working after the age of 40, Betty has been on a hot streak recently, with buzzed-about roles in The Proposal, 30 Rock, and Ugly Betty. However, more relevant to SNL has been White’s almost ubiquitous presence on the talk show circuit. In the past year, she has been on Lopez Tonight, Chelsea Lately, The Tonight Show (with Jay Leno), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and semi-talk show Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List.

She's definitely wanted. via Flickr

So, what can we expect from Betty’s appearance on SNL? A Golden Girls skit? Most definitely. But who is worthy enough to inherit the mantle of Dorothy, Sofia, and Blanche? Kristen Wiig? Andy Samberg? When you mess with perfection, you better get it right.


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Betty Makes Everything (Even NBC) Golden

Now that the late night war between Leno and Conan seems to have receded, it may once again be safe for Leno fans, terrified of red-haired fanatics, to come back out of the closet. While I didn’t really take a side in this battle, as I mostly watch Food Network and DVR-ed Greek at 11:35PM, I can say I’m a big Betty White fan. If last night’s Golden Girl block on Lifetime wasn’t enough for you, check out the cold opening from Leno’s first show back on THE TONIGHT SHOW.

Betty on Last Night’s show


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