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Designers in Front of the Camera

If there’s one thing Project Runway has taught us, it’s that designers aren’t always as attractive as their creations (see: Santino, season 2). But occasionally there comes a designer that could probably walk in their own shows and everyone would just mistake him or her for another model.

via Marc Jacobs

And so we have Marc Jacobs, the quiet but gorgeous designer that makes amazing clothing and has an equally as amazing face. For his new fragrance campaign, he’s  oiled up and, um, out there for all to see. But he’s not the first designer to get in on the modeling action. The equally delicious (ugh, I wish I was a gay man) Tom Ford also starred in his own fragrance campaign. Oh my bless-ed eyes!

via Tom Ford

Then there’s been Kimora Lee Simmons, etc, but do we really need pictures of them? Nah. There’s a difference between the higher art of Jacobs and Ford, and the fame-whoring of Kimora. The higher designers could sell their products without us ever seeing their faces,  but the Kimoras of the world couldn’t sell anything without their faces being plastered all over their products and ads. Here’s to seeing more of Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs’ faces… and whatever else we need to see of theirs in their ads :-).

Yeah, that’s right… a SMILEY FACE. I went there.


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