Why I Want to Quit Facebook

For a long time, many of my friends and family have complained about my addiction to my Blackberry. Yes, I know it’s bad…but with email, texting, bbming, and more forms of e-communication being created each day, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to quit it any time soon. Facebook, however, is getting dangerously close to being cut off.

1984? Try 2010. via Flickr

When I joined Facebook, the site was a small online community for wannabe-elitists from a handful of “good schools.” Since I enjoy feeling like I have friends, I’m glad its become open to everyone, but recently it’s taken a serious turn for the worse. Each day seems to bring a new frightening report about the growing lack of privacy on the site (and overwhelming sense that Facebook cares more about its profit line than what it shares about you).

With all of this news, I think it’s time to end our 6-year relationship. It’s not you, it’s me. Actually, it’s neither of us. It’s the email I got from a girl moving into my apartment complex that said the first thing that popped up on Google when she searched for the apartment was my Facebook profile. Yeah- privacy my ass.

In a related note, Mark Zuckerburg’s recent tirade makes me feel great that people are trusting him with their phone numbers, addresses, birth dates, and other personal information. He seems like a really great guy!


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2 responses to “Why I Want to Quit Facebook

  1. here! here!
    i have been telling this to mm for a while.

  2. You can adjust your privacy settings and eliminate it from being searchable by the public.

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