A Zombie Attack in LA: What to Do, Where to Go

via pulp factor

Maybe you scoffed at the title of this post, but when the walking dead are sucking your brains out with a straw… well, I’ll probably still be alive to tell you, “I told you so.” So here are a couple ways to keep yourself protected in the City of Angels:

1) Head to the ocean: This is a tricky one… on one hand, zombies don’t always particularly love water, but remember in ZOMBI 2 where the zombies WALKED ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN? Or when the zombie fought the shark UNDER WATER? Then again, if you’re near the ocean, might be the safest bet, as zombies aren’t the most graceful and you could probably out-swim them for a while.

2) Head downtown: Tall downtown buildings mean good watchtowers, so you can keep a birds-eye view of zombie invasions. High roofs are also useful for displaying messages when helicopters fly above. The downside? If the zombies manage to get into the building, the only way to go is up… and then to jump.

3) Head to a mall (a la the Beverly Center): Per DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978 and 2004), the mall can be a good place to hole up. You can find plenty of places to lock yourself into while still remaining in one structure. However, things can turn dangerous if you get stuck in a store with only one exit and the zombies descend. But if you can avoid getting trapped, a mall is a great source of resources to keep you alive and safe.


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One response to “A Zombie Attack in LA: What to Do, Where to Go

  1. stock up on guns, ammo, food, water.
    steal car.
    head to the mountains.
    this is why i learned how to drive stick shift.

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