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The internet is a crazy place. In the late 1990’s, stumbling upon strange fan-created GeoCities or Lycos pages for the Beatles or original seasons of the Power Rangers was about as weird as it got. Since then, a lot more people have come online – and the Internet has come a long, strange way. If Perez Hilton revolutionized the blog as a means to build a community (for gossip), check out what the sites below have created communities for…

He's basically the "Lindsay" of Dealbreaker. via Flickr

Inhabitat – Being green has gone from being a political statement to an accepted, elitist way of life. To keep up on all the latest eco-friendly trends (What? How didn’t you know hemp is all the rage this season for baby blankets?), check out Inhabitat – the site for eco-fashion, earth friendly design, and green living in general.

Art Observed– While it may have shrunk during the Great Recession, the art community has managed to survive and paint another day. Art Observed records the latest in artistic trends, auction results, gallery events, and other art-centric news. If you think you’ve been a little too low-brow lately, AO will give you just the boost of culture you’ll need keep your hipster cred.

Above the Law – One of my friends who goes to the University of Chicago’s law school showed me this one. She was once a crazy party girl who would go out almost every day of the week. Today, she spends her days consumed by studying in the library. To understand how this transformation took place, check out this site for fans of the law – yes, people like this exist.

Dealbreaker – Just like Above the Law, Dealbreaker serves a very niche, elite, community – the Wall Street crowd. Day traders, bankers, financial analysts, whatever – they all love two things: money and themselves – and this site gossips about both in typical greedy excess.

Going Concern – Yes, law students are nerdy. And yes, financial experts are slimy. But accountants and CFOs? Well, they’re both. And they mange to heighten both nerdiness and greed to a new level in this blog – written by them and for them. This makes me seriously miss the days of low-tech GeoCities sites…

If someone can find blogs for plumbers, electricians, or waiters, I’d love to see them. Somehow, I think they’d be more interesting than listening to accountants, lawyers, and analysts. So much for being “high brow”…


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