Shameless Plug

With just 6 days until Smogger launches its new look, we want all the advice you can offer! What are your favorite topics we smog about? What do you wish we’d shut up about? (there’s only one week left of Lost, so I promise we’ll stop with that soon!)

Any thoughts on the site design and any features you’d like to see us add? Anything you wish you’d see more of on the site (design or topic wise)?

We love getting your comments (whether positive or negative), and are so happy we’ve heard back from so many of our readers. You’re the reason this site works.

So, enjoy one last week with the old Smogger, and when you wake up the weekend haze next weekend, there will be a whole new Smogger for you to check out.

And as always – if you like the site, please follow us on Twitter or become our fan on Facebook – and spread the word!

Thanks again for reading!

-MK & MM

A little preview for you...


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