Have It Your Way

Attention: all you struggling graphic designers and artists out there- your prayers have been answered. Tons of new customizable and do-it-yourself shopping sites are popping up all over the internet. One of the most exciting trends? Allowing users to post their artwork and giving them a small cut of the profit when others buy their designs. 

Is that Charlie? via Threadless


Threadless – Probably our favorite of these sites is Threadless,  which allows you to pick from thousands of unique designs (most drawing from pop culture sensations like Lost, Conan, The Dark Knight, etc.). You can also sign up for their t-shirt of the month club, submit designs and win prizes, and compete with others on the site in designing competitions. 

Dreaming of a world with no fashion victims. via ThreadBanger


Threadbanger – You can’t technically buy things from Threadbanger, but they will teach you how to make anything you could ever want. Threadbanger is more of mini TV network, focusing on videos that tell viewers about do-it-yourself fashion. If you’re artistically inclined, this could be a great source of ideas. On the other hand, if you can’t thread a needle…this may not be the site for you. 

Take a shot at looking at this site. via DesignByHumans

Design by Humans – I’m not going to lie – I wouldn’t be caught dead in half of the items featured on this site. However, with that disclaimer, if you surf through the insane variety of designs offered (all by different artists), there are some really interesting and inspired gems. A lot of their images are way too bold for my taste, but they could make some excellent conversation starters. 

The one thing you should always keep in mind about do-it-yourself fashion? If someone tells you that you look bad, you have no one blame but yourself. 


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