Grab Some Grub: Delphine

Located off of Hollywood Blvd, in the new W Hotel & Residences complex, Delphine is the newest restaurant concept from Innovative Dining Group, the company that has also brought us Katana, Boa, and Sushi Roku. Unlike its Asian-inspired sister restaurants, Delphine is unwaivering in its focus on modern French cuisine – and the restaurant has a light, airy brassierie feel.

So fresh and so clean, clean. via Flickr

Unlike other French restaurants that have a tendency to overwhelm you – both in taste and ingredients, Delphine keeps it simple. Classic French dishes like escargot, French Onion Soup, and different cheeses are served alongside riskier options like steak tartar. The restaurant also seems to specialize in serving a speedy pre-show crowd for the Pantages, which is conveniently located directly across the street. This option comes in handy when looking for a fast and easy option in Hollywood, and avoiding the hassle of limited parking in the area.

Neon on Hollywood Blvd. How original. via TheDeliciousLife

While it isn’t breaking boundaries or cutting edge, Delphine is reliable, inviting, and impeccably clean. With that said, the crowd is certainly a mix between the tourists invading Hollywood and the locals checking out the new kid on the block. Hopefully, this restaurant sticks around for a long time, since it’s could become a standard pairing for a night out at the show or before a stroll around old Hollywood.

Del-phun. via LA Weekly

Delphine is located at 6250 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood. Reservations can be made at 323-7981355.


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