The Summer Will Be Neon

Even on LSD, she still can't sing. via This Is Max

As if you needed any other reason to believe the 80’s are back, Ke$ha’s newest music video for “Your Love Is My Drug” proves that neon is going to be everywhere this summer. Here are some easy places to pick up accessories to complete the look before Memorial Day officially kicks things off.

It'll leave quite a calling card. via NY Magazine

Nars’ Limited-Edition Multiple Tint Tubes [via NY Magazine]

If you're gonna get cuffed, at least make sure you look good. via Teen Vogue

Diane Von Furstenberg Woven Wire Bracelets [via Teen Vogue]

Into the Blue. via Mosley Tribes

 Mosley Tribes Blue With Sea Enforcer Sunglasses [via Mosley Tribes]

For the Chicago and New York readers...fave fun. via ASOS

London Undercover Super Mini Folded Neon Umbrella [via ASOS]

Step it up. via

Vans Neon Classic Slip-ons [via ELLE]

 Just don’t let it go this far:


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