Sex and the (New) City

An HBO sitcom about single ladies looking for love in the city? An HBO show about a group of friends cruising around LA and navigating Hollywood? Sure, those two descriptions could describe the long-running comedies Sex And The City or Entourage, but if HBO has its way, those same descriptions may both describe the same show – about single ladies in Los Angeles exploring the dating world.

Reality on a bus bench. Poetic. via Flickr

Initially titled Starfuckers (!!) during the early stages of development, the show has been repositioned so that it will no longer focus on Hollywood as strongly as Entourage does. But, clearly, “sex” will still have a lot to do with the show’s subject matter…albeit in a different “city.”

Targetting a specific audience? via Flickr

On top of all this, the show is coming from the executive producers of Entourage – so that should give you an idea of what to expect. How about this suggestion – Ari’s wife leaves him in the next season of Entourage, and spins off into the new show as the Samantha Jones of Los Angeles. Don’t laugh. If Hollywood loves anything, it’s a formula that’s worked before. And combining two winning formulas? It’ll be on your TV screen faster than you can order a “Manhattan”…err…a “Los Angeles?”


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