Playboy Adds a Third Dimension, Still Lacks Any Depth

James Cameron’s Avatar was a truly incredible movie. While its storyline may or may not have been a lifted from Pocahontas and the acting was questionable at points, it was the technology that really drove home the epic-nature of the event. Like Star Wars in 1977, you knew while watching it that you were experiencing a watershed moment in moviemaking. Well, you know what happened afterwards. Thanks to 3D,  if you try to see any movie this summer, you might as well expect it to jump out and grab your wallet to pay for that premium-priced ticket.

Bringing porn into the 21st Century.

Taking a cue from Hollywood’s success with 3D, Playboy has enlisted the technology to try to rescue the ailing publishing industry. Today, the magazine’s June issue will hit newsstands nationwide paired with a set of 3D glasses to check out centerfold Hope Dworaczyk in every dimension. It’s ironic that Hope happens to be her name, since according to CNN, Playboy’s circulation has tumbled from 3.5 million in 2006 to just 1.5 million today. Jumping on this bandwagon? True Blood. Yes, the HBO show. “How?” you ask? The show’s title-logo will be plastered across each set of glasses given away. I always thought HBO and True Blood’s fan base consisted of young, smart viewers. I must be wrong – it seems creepy, old men, who don’t know how to use the internet are their targets.

Maybe Playboy’s bold strategy will help save the ailing company. One issue that will remain unsolved? How will guys be able to claim they’re only reading the articles (never looking at the pictures, of course) when they’re caught with 3D glasses on? Does the font now pop out at you as well?


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