LAW AND ORDER Is Cancelled, Thereby Proving that Boring Shows Don’t Always Live Forever

I love The TV, but I’m a story person. I like long, drawn-out stories you find on LOST, MAD MEN… gimme a show that you can’t understand without seeing every past season.

He was better in CLUELESS. via NBC

But there are a lot of people – or so I’ve heard – that can watch the episodic stuff, the one-off shows like LAW AND ORDER and CSI. And those shows seem to do really well. Really, really well. In fact, I oft fear that nothing can kill these shows – not bad writing, not bad actors… nothing. They just keep going, year after year, reused plotline after reused plotline.

This is what good TV looks like. via Boston Globe

Oh, but what is this?! What has managed to kill one of the most successful procedurals of all time? NY magazine says it was the executive producer’s fault, but does it really matter? (Ok, maybe to some people.) All I have to say is: ding dong, the witch is dead! The end of LAW AND ORDER (although I always hate to celebrate the loss of jobs in TV) means an open spot on the schedule for something better, something more original and cutting-edge. Will the slot be filled with a DEXTER or a MAD MEN? Chances are… probably not. But a girl can dream. And maybe some day, viewers will have to muddle through all the good TV to find a shitty show instead of the other way around**

**Did my opinions come through strongly enough without me stating directly that I hate procedural TV?… Okay, good.


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