Get Your Foos On

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Maybe it was growing up around soccer-loving Italians, but I love me some foosball. And LA, you might be surprised to discover, is a great foosball town. Here are some of my fave spots to drag my friends to with an ulterior foos motive:

Shatto 39 :: 3255 W. 4th Street
Koreatown bowling alley that is the shit for so many reasons besides some excellent foos. Mixed drinks are like 3 bucks, bowling is $5.50 at peak hours. Choice game selection, and is never too crowded, so you can get a couple foos rounds in before people start huddling around.

Cha Cha Lounge :: 2375 Glendale Blvd.
For having some so-so¬† experiences at this Silverlake bar, I must say – the foosball keeps me coming back. A good atmosphere if you’re looking for a few people to join in your game. Not such a good atmosphere if you got your crew in tow and want to keep playing… the hipsters will start closing in on you quickly.

Palihouse :: 8465 Holloway Dr.
You can dress me up and I’ll still kick off my heels for a little free foosball at Palihouse. Definitely a weird place for a free table, but hey, I’ll take it. Great reprieve from a sometimes-stuffy atmosphere.

Barney’s Beanery :: 8447 Santa Monica Blvd.
The Weho location is just around the corner from Pali, if you’re starting to suffocate from the bourge and wanna play some foos with some (relatively) low-key people. Air hockey is on site also, as well as a usually-empty shuffleboard table. Barney’s is the type of atmosphere you want to play foosball in – sports on the TV, good beer selection. Gets crowded at peak hours on the weekend, but crowd usually dies down around 12:30, and then it’s smooth-sailing from there on out.


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