Smogger’s Guide to Spotting Celebrities in LA

Inevitably, the first question most tourists ask once they arrive in Los Angeles is the way-overly-cliche “Where do I see celebrities?” Like other questions about the weather, the traffic, or the accuracy of Clueless, it’s just one of those things you have to put up with living in the City of Angels. I know, it’s a tough life. So, what’s the best answer to that age-old question about spotting a star out in the streets of LA? Well, just like spotting lions in Africa, it’s all about the hunt – and staking out your unsuspecting targets.

Buyer beware. via Flickr

Unfortunately, Southern California’s natural climate may make it hard to find rain forests or watering holes. However, lucky for you, the city does have plenty of unnatural watering holes. The natives like to call these places “bars” or “restaurants,” and some good ones for star-sighting include The Ivy (the classic pick), Mr. Chow, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, or any of the locations featured on The Hills (but don’t go the week after they’ve aired on TV – only losers do that).

She knew they'd be there. via Flickr

Ok. So now you’ve maxed out your credit card on $15 cosmos and uneaten entrees (anorexia – it’s all a part of camouflaging into the LA scenery), and you still havent’ seen a single star. Well, at this point you have to get more creative. If you happen to follow Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton on Twitter, then you’ll easily be able to track them down since they don’t go 15 minutes without telling the world what they’re doing. So, how do you track down other celebs?

Try the Reality Star route – many can be found in their normal surroundings if you take time to seek them out. Tom Colicchio from Top Chef? Try Craft. Susan Feniger from Top Chef Masters? Try Street. Stacie “The Bartender” from The Hills? The Dime. If you want to get super crazy, set up a check-in with dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby (winner of Big Brother 2) or arrange a session at Tru Yoga in Santa Monica with Aras Baskauskas (winner of Survivor: Panama).

The only thing that can keep me away from Cafe Vida. via Zimbio

If all of those fail, there’s one last-ditch effort you can try. Grab a suit, tie, or heels and skirt, and camp out at the Coffee Bean at 2000 Avenue of the Stars in Century City. With mega-agencies CAA, ICM, and major networks all located within the surrounding area, you’ll be sure to see someone. Just make sure you shout into your cell phone at an imaginary assistant or complain loudly about getting more of the backend, and you’ll fit in great.


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3 responses to “Smogger’s Guide to Spotting Celebrities in LA

  1. who asks about the accuracy of clueless? everyone knows that was a documentary

  2. who asks about the accuracy of clueless? everyone knows that was a documentary

  3. Great post!

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