Looking at Lost: The Things You May Have Missed

As with any show that is as all-encompassing as Lost, you’re bound to miss things along the way. And with 121 episodes over 6 years, you can’t blame yourself for missing some things along the way. We’re not talking about forgetting that Ben killed Locke – if you missed that, then please, stop here. While it would be nice to do a full plot recap, it’d also be a task damn near impossible. So, what we’re going to take a look at are the cool messages, easter eggs, and items hidden along the way that you may not notice until watching the episodes again…and you will watch them again. All of them.

Time Lost? Indeed, 6 years of it. via Flickr


For a show as smart as Lost is, the producers have an awful lot of fun with simple tricks – like rearranging the letters in many of the show’s different names.

Mittelos Bioscience – In order to recruit new people to the Island (like Juliet), the Others use a fake business with this name. Mittelos also happens to be an anagram for “Lost Time.” (Season 3 – “Not in Portland”)

Ethan Rom – Arguably the most frightening character introduced in season one, Ethan Rom was the first Other we meet on the island after he kidnaps Claire. His name also coincidentally spells out “Other Man.” (Season 1 – “Solitary”)

Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor – This is the epic place that we learned that off-island Locke (also known as Jeremy Bentham) is dead. This is also, the first time we experience a “Flash Forward.” Didn’t see that one coming, did you?! (Season 3 – “Through the Looking Glass, Part 2”)

Herarat Aviation – Operating out of Miami, Herarat was the airline that Juliet believed would take her to her future cancer research locale. Rearranged, it spells “Earhart”, the name of the famous pilot whose plane, like Oceanic flight 815, disappeared over the South Pacific.  (Season 3 – “One of Us”)

Sadly, we know about as little as we did then. via EyeMSick

Soundtrack Secrets

Room 23 – One of the most puzzling scenes in Lost history takes place on the mysterious, smaller Hydra Island.” Karl, Alex’s boyfriend and young Other, is shown being brainwashed in the Hydra’s station’s enigmatic Room 23. Strapped to a chair, images flash across with messages about Jacob, the Hansos, and the Degroots. Not only was among the first times we are introduced to Jacob, but it’s also one of the earliest clues Lost would begin playing with different dimensions. If you play the audio track backwards, you can clearly hear it warn, “only fools are enslaved by space and time.” (Season 3 – “Not in Portland”)

Geronimo Jackson – Not exactly hidden, but more of an undercurrent throughout Lost, Geronimo Jackson is an imaginary band made up by one of the show’s writers. Lost writer Eddy Kitsis actually created the band as an homage to the Grateful Dead. Since its creation, the band has taken on a life of its own – including a single on iTunes which can be overheard in Jin’s Dharma van during Season 5’s episode “316.”

Polar pictures. via Sledgweb's Lost

Planted Props

Walt’s “Missing” Milk Carton – Early in the second season, Hurley’s dreams come true when he discovers the food pantry in the hatch…until he realizes that actually is dreaming. During that fantasy sequence, he is shown holding a milk carton, which has a photo of Walt under the headline “MISSING.” Only thing? Since Hurley hasn’t been outside of the hatch since Walt got kidnapped at the end of season one, there’s no way he could know Walt had been taken yet. (Season 2 – “Everybody Hates Hugo”)

Dharma Shark – Just as we were being introduced to the hatch and the mysterious organization known as the “DHARMA Initiative,” we got a quick peek of a shark swimming underwater with the Dharma logo tattooed on its body. While we didn’t yet know the extent to which Dharma was testing animals on the island, this sneak (and the polar bear that preceded it) gave us the first signs that something was clearly up. (Season 2 – “Adrift)

Chalkboard at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute – Just as the survivors learned about the existence of a freighter stationed off the island, a chalkboard behind Abaddon at Hurley’s Mental Hospital reveals the same thing in a flash forward. (Season 4 – “The Beginning of the End”)

Widmore’s Painting – Probably one of the most blatant (and yet unexplainable) easter eggs in Lost is one of the paintings on a wall in Charles Widmore’s office. Featuring a polar bear, the statue of Tawaret, an inverted Buddha, and the word “Namaste,” it seems to sum up many of the show’s stranger elements, and yet there’s no explanation of how it ended up there (or painted in the first place). (Season 3 – “Flashes Before Your Eyes” & Season 5 – “Jughead”)

A different type of Flash Forward. via 2M17S

Lost References in the “Real World”

Desperate Housewives – While it wasn’t blatantly refered to during the show itself, an Oceanic Airlines plane crashed into Wisteria Lane during this ABC show’s season 6 episode “Boom Crunch.” I wonder if any other imaginary airline has had such a bad track record…

Kayak.com’s Flight 815 – Before the premiere of Season 6, travel website Kayak.com offered a deal on Oceanic Flight 815, departing Sydney for Los Angeles on September 22, 2010. The cost? $4815.16 with $23.42 in taxes/fees. That seems like a lot of money for- oh…wait…

Cloverfield – In the opening sequence of 2008’s Cloverfield (also directed by Lost mastermind JJ Abrams), a Dharma logo flashes onscreen during the government warning.

FlashForward – A billboard in the background of a scene during the pilot of FlashForward (also on ABC) clearly displays an ad for “Oceanic Airlines” with the promise of a “Perfect Safety Record.” Could this mean that the season six flashsideways timeline is in fact reality and that the explosion at the end of season 5 prevented the crash of Flight 815? We might be reading too far into it…just a bit.

Modern Family – During the May 5th “Airport 2010” episode of this ABC sitcom, Luke tells his mother Claire (Julie Bowen, who also plays Jack’s ex-wife, Sarah, on Lost) that it would be cool if their plane to Hawaii got lost on an island like in Lost.

Bad Twin – In 2006, at the end of season 2, Disney published a real-life version of “Bad Twin,” a book by imaginary flight 815 passenger Gary Troup. Isn’t it ironic that four years later we’ve just found out that the entire plotline of Lost has been the resulting aftermath from a “bad twin” (Jacob & the Man in Black)?

It’s been a long strange trip, and I’m sure there’s a lot more that could be included in this list. In the coming years, when we re-watch the show thousands of times, more clues will probably surface…after all, it’s more likely we’ll discover hidden secrets than we’ll learn any answers to the show’s questions.


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3 responses to “Looking at Lost: The Things You May Have Missed

  1. This is really interesting. I love how you commented on the fact that other ABC shows have referenced Lost. I never noticed the painting in Widmore’s office. When the show is completely finished, sadly in two weeks, I will be starting from the beginning and watching all of the episodes. It’s been quite a wild ride. Thank you for sharing the Easter eggs. Lost is one of those unique shows that provokes thought and creates a unity throughout the faithful fan base.

  2. I jumped on Wikipedia and read the article, but it was a lot like walking through pudding: slow going and afterward I felt kinda dirty.

  3. FYI – Matt Reeves directed Cloverfield. JJ Abrams was one of the film’s producers.

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