Interested in Hearing What Taylor Momsen’s Band Sounds Like?… Me Neither!

Being a rock star is cooler than being a movie star, let’s just get that straight from the get-go. So when celebrities decide to have their little band time, I get it. But celebrity-fronted bands don’t always equal talent. Let’s take a look at a few celebs that attempt to rock and how successful they’ve managed to be –



Who’s in it :: Taylor Momsen, the brat/only watchable character from Gossip Girl

Suck? :: You know it! Taylor’s voice is pretty powerful, but she uses it for evil in this whiny gothic garage band.

via msnbc

Band :: 30 Odd Foot of Grunts

Who’s in it :: Russell Crowe

Suck? :: I don’t even know what to call this music. Shitty English pop from the mid-90’s? Oh, Russell… I expected more from you! Please don’t beat me up…

via 30 seconds to mars

Band :: 30 Seconds to Mars

Who’s in it :: Jared Leto

Suck? :: If you listen to 30 Seconds to Mars and you’re 15, then you’re cool. If you listen to 30 Seconds to Mars and you’re 25… we have a problem.

via wicked wisdom

Band :: Wicked Wisdom

Who’s in it :: Jada Pinkett-Smith

Suck? :: Okay, we get it, Jada. You want an outlet to scream when your husband is more successful than you, which is always. Wicked Wisdom – which… really? – makes gothic-punk tunes that will be a great soundtrack for the next Wizard Video game title (yeah, that’s right, I looked up shitty video game publishers for that lil’ joke. I’m awesome.)

via the boxmasters

Band :: The Boxmasters

Who’s in it :: Billy Bob Thornton

Suck? :: No. They’re actually pretty good, the first win on my list! The kind of music you want to listen to while driving down Route 66, with a fun, modern rockabilly vibe.


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