Time to Say Good Bye to the Hills Before the Domestic Abuse Starts

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Last night’s episode of The Hills was… uncomfortable, to say the least. Watching Spencer lash out at Holly Montag was disturbing – did anyone notice the veins pulsating under his skin? That, my friends, is called an “aggressive male,” and that kind of anger can lead to “violence.” When he screamed, “The things I’d like to do to you, dear… WOO!” Who knows how real it all is; I mean, this is The Hills after all. But even if it’s all a ruse, it’s not a fun one to watch. Heidi weakly pleading with Spencer and then defending him with her sister was just sad and a mess of delusion.

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When The Hills closes its curtains, what will become of Heidi and Spencer? If they get their own show, will we be subjected to more Valley of the Dolls cocked-head comments from Heidi and more crystal-clutching, vein-popping from Spencer? Is there any coming back from this? At this point, I can’t see anyone wanting to go into legitimate business with these two. I foresee a future of disturbing Enquirer cover stories for this couple after the show ends, which is pretty much the most tragic end for anyone in Hollywood.

I think it’s hard to deny the emotional abuse evident with this couple. Spencer detaching Heidi from her family, telling her to stay away and locking her up at the top of Beachwood Canyon? Classic non-physical abusive tactic. Real or not, I don’t know if I’m having fun anymore. Might be time to get off this creepy roller coaster ride.


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