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Although it is barely used anymore, one of my favorite terms of the early internet was the “information superhighway.” Since that phrase was invented, the internet has become much more like an information-overload traffic jam. However, it can still be the best way to find something if you know what you’re looking for. And if not? Then you can find some of the best highway pit stops you’ve ever seen. Check out these sites if you have some spare time…but just remember not to get lost.

When awkward families met Walmart. via Awkward Family Photos – Every family has them, so don’t pretend your’s doesn’t. This blog has made a habit of collecting the most uncomfortable, unflattering, and unfortunate photos of different families (and people by themselves) around. I even think in several of these, you can even see the very early signs of future personality disorders. You might even consider the site educational! – However you stand on the issue, it’s undeniable that Walmart has had a major impact on American culture in the past few decades. And if you think it’s been for the better, this site will correct you. – We brought you Failbook awhile ago, but this site may arguably be even funnier. Check it out for all the typical awkward posts you see on Facebook, just magnified, and not related to your group of friends in any way.


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