Looking at Lost: Summarizing the Mysteries

Over the next two weeks, we’ll run a series of stories leading up to Lost’s series finale on Sunday, May 23. We’ll be looking at the series and trying to give a summary look at what took place, what we loved, and what we’ll miss. Part of that dissection involves peeling away the series’ different levels of mysteries. That’s easier said than done…as proven by 6 years with lots and lots of questions and just three episodes left to answer them in.

Season one: when things were kind of normal. via Flickr

It’s impossible to expect the show’s producers to give fans with answers to all the questions that have been posed since 2004, but it is fair to ask for the resolution of the show’s larger and more complex mysteries. In fact, if you’re a true fan, you’ve long ago come to terms with the fact that we won’t be getting all the answers. Many mysteries (like why the polar bears are on the island or why one ended up in Tunisia) need some logical thinking and acceptance that the answer may not be laid out in specific terms (the donkey wheel is in an icy cave – what kind of animal is great at pulling giant, heavy things in cold environments?).

You know things have gotten weird when the smoke monster is "normal." via Flickr

So, with that said, here are some of the questions we’re still looking for answers to and some of the other mysteries we’re going to come to terms with probably never having answered…

If this doesn’t get answered, I’ll survive:

  • Who built the status on the island? – We know it dates back pretty far…but just how far? And how was it built?
  • Why don’t Jacob or Richard age? – I think we’re just going to have to accept that they don’t and move in…unless there’s a good answer Darlton has up their sleeve.
  • What is the significance of the numbers? – Is it just that they were the corresponding numbers of the candidates? Or is there another significance? Has this already been explained?
  • Why did some people go back in time and some stay in the present? – I don’t even want to think about reliving the confusion of the time-travelling episodes, so it’s probably best to leave this question unanswered.
  • What is the Hurley bird? – An early mystery, I think this one has fallen way by the wayside.
  • What is the deal with the DHARMA Initiative? – Probably one of the most interesting aspects of the show – what was the DHARMA initiative’s role in the story? And how did they find the island? Do they still exist? Was this just to distract us between season one and the introduction of Jacob and MIB in season 5?
  • Why can Walt see the future? – I doubt we’ll see this answer as I don’t think the producers know themselves.

If this doesn’t get answered, I’m going to go %&#$ ballistic on Darlton:

  • Who are “Adam and Eve?” – introduced in season one, Adam and Eve are the ancient remains of two deceased islanders. Suggestions have ranged from them being Rose & Bernard, Jake & Kate, Sun & Jin, or any other island love matchup. If the rumors are true however; we’ll be seeing an answer to this question in “Across the Sea” – and it isn’t any of the pairs above.
  • Who built the frozen donkey wheel? – We’re rumored to get the answer to this in “Across the Sea” as well.
  • Why was the island underwater at the beginning of this season? – I think it’s safe to say we won’t know the answer to this until the very end of this season.
  • Who is the candidate? – Last week’s episode left us under the assumption that it’s Jack. Is that the correct conclusion? Or are we jumping to assumptions?
  • Why is Aaron a great danger to everyone? – A question leftover from season one – will it ever be answered?
  • Who is Jack married to in the flash-sideways storyline? – We still haven’t seen Juliet or Sarah…just saying…
  • What’s with the flash-sideways? – Somehow, I think this will be answered in the last episode. Like past seasons, I think this may be the final conclusion of the show – the producers have always loved showing us what has happened and how we got to that point. (Think of them as the “epilogue” to the show – what happens after the last minute)
  • Who is the young boy that keeps reappearing to the MIB? – This one is obviously going to be resolved by the end of this season…is it a young Jacob? A young MIB?
  • What does it mean to be claimed? – What happened to Sayid and Claire? It’ll be pretty crappy for Darlton to introduce this term this season and not answer it – otherwise, why introduce it in the first place?
  • Why does Desmond have the special powers that he does? – This will probably be essential to explaining the flash-sideways, and ultimately connect the two disparate storylines.
  • What are Jacob and the Man In Black? – Sure, we know they are enemies, but WHAT are they? i.e. The central question of the entire show…
  • What is this island?

After six years, is a bit of closure too much to ask? Perhaps…


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8 responses to “Looking at Lost: Summarizing the Mysteries

  1. Is it safe to say that they will come out with a book at the end of the season to appease all our curious minds about the show?

  2. Who do you think the young boy is and how does he fit into the puzzle?

  3. Why didn’t the MIB use “the exit” in the orchid to leave the island and go to Tunisia?

  4. @Spenser – because he is not allowed to use it, I think.. Hmmmmm…

    I also assume that there’s a greater being, more powerful than Jacob and MIB in that island. Hmmmm….

  5. Btw, who’s Jake & Kate? I think that’s Jack and Kate… or, there’s a Jake I don’t know about.. 😀

  6. Who is the young boy that keeps reappearing to the MIB? – I think that boy is Aaron… 😀

  7. Damon and Carlton have already stated in an interview that they will not explain what the island is. The analogy they drew was to Star Wars: never during the original trilogy did they ask themselves “What’s up with this force thing?” and the explanation in the later films that it was created by midochlorians etc. seemed unnecessary and goofy. Audiences are just expected to think of the island as this place where magical things happen, without trying to delve too deeply into it.

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