The Sad Tale of Jack Bauer

Over the past 9 years, Jack Bauer has defused nuclear bombs, been exposed to biological and chemical weapons, tortured and been tortured, and exposed White House conspiracies to keep America safe. On May 24, his tale will finally be coming to an end…and his ending, like many of the people he’s crossed paths with over the past few years, won’t exactly be happy.

Jack Bauer has had some bad days. via Flickr

While 24  has not always been a consistent show (season one was phenomenal, season 6 has Jack biting a man’s jugular and a nuclear bomb going off within 2 episodes)…it has always been a constant source of adrenaline and suspense. The name “Jack Bauer” has become synonymous in American culture with the ultimate adrenaline junkie…a kind of super-powered Chuck Norris. However, when the show’s series finale roles around in two weeks, we’re going to be left with a different last image of Jack – as a broken man, dealing with the tragedy that his life has become (almost everyone close to Jack has died in someway or another).

While this won’t please fans who may like to see Jack have a bit of happiness and closure after following him for so many years, a truly “happy” ending probably wouldn’t fit the theme or mood of the series. At least fans can rest comfortably knowing that Jack Bauer will survive the finale for the upcoming 24 movie…after all, why would Fox executives kill off their main character and their revenue stream?


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