It was 1999, and Life was Good

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Hearing rumors of a possible Limp Bizkit reunion, I couldn’t help but reminisce about one my favorite years: 1999. Allow me to take you back for a moment, 11 years prior. Napster was in full swing… I think I had a few thousand songs on there. Jackass was at it’s finest. TRL played full music vidoes. Carson Daly could recommend a band, i.e. Hoobstank, and we would actually seek out said band and give them a listen and they would become an actual success in the music business. No joke – Carson had influence. Kid Rock was the shit. Or at least to me, he was. And there was this grand anticipation of the year 2000 and all the mind-blowing things that were supposed to come with it.

And what do we have now? Well, it looks like that pop-punk-rock type of music kind of died off, especially after Kid Rock did that duet with Sheryl Crow. The Millennium came and went, and left us with an iPhone and YouTube, and some other cool things, but no robots. TRL is gone, Jackass is over. MTV no longer rules the world. As I see it, we’ve lost as much as we’ve gained.

So there’s your reminiscing for the day. Cheers, 1999. And here’s hoping for a renaissance.


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