Ending the Endor Express

Star Wars fans, it’s time to get your last fix of an old favorite. Disneyland is temporarily shutting down the Tomorrowland ride, Star Tours, for a full renovation. The ride was opened in 1987 to coincide with the premiere of Captain E.O. Well, Captain E.O. is back, so maybe Disney executives thought it would also be a fitting time to give a much needed makeover to the Star Wars-themed attraction as well.



It’s about time. After joining RX-24 (“Rex”) for his “first” flight about twenty times, I finally noticed the ride was showing its age pretty badly during a trip to Disneyland last summer (and it’s no surprise considering the ride has been around almost as long as I have). The new ride will still feature the “Starspeeder 3000” – but will integrate plotlines and characters from the new prequel movies, as well as take place in full 3D.

The starspeeder hits a scene from the 1999 film to entertain young(er) nerds everywhere. via StarWars.com

The last voyage of the Endor Express will be this August, and you can expect the new “Star Tours 2.0” to launch in 2011.


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One response to “Ending the Endor Express

  1. The update of Star Tours has nothing to do with Captain E-O being back. The update has been in the works for a couple of years now.
    Bring back Cpt. E-O was something Disney wanted to do to pay tribute to Michael Jackson after his death and was given a full blessing by the Jackson family.

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