The Real World: Congress

Did they miss the casting call for MTV’s The Real World: DC? According to CNN, two former alumni of the show’s first (New York) and sixth (Boston) seasons will be running for congress this year. What?!?

It's time to start getting real...political. via ABC News

Kevin Powell, from The Real World: New York, will be running for congress to represent the 10th District in Brooklyn. In case you don’t remember Kevin, don’t feel too out of the loop. The first season of MTV’s long-running reality soap opera aired all the way back in 1992. If it’s hard to believe the show has been on that long, you’ll also find it hard to believe that Kevin is also now 44. At that age, he’s not going to be challenging Evan or Kenny to any gauntlets or duels anytime soon. I guess a political career could be a logical step – he was always outspoken on the show, whether about race or cultural issues. One of the most famous episodes ever of The Real World focused on his confronting Julie (the naive, Southern girl) about being racist. Keep in mind, this is The Real World 1.0: pre-hot tubs, threesomes, and MTV-arranged careers as mystic tanners (Key West) or spring break planners (Sydney).

This is the true story of 538 Strangers... via Political Diatribes

Sean Duffy, the popular ex-jock of the show’s Boston season, will be running for Congress in Wisconsin. He’s still married to his wife, Rachel Campos, the one time candidate to replace Debbie Matenopoulos on The View and fellow Real World alum (from the show’s dramatic and critically adored San Francisco season). Sean currently leads the race to replace Congressman David Obey, who is retiring after 41 years. Somewhat ironically, his time on The Real World was also often characterized by race issues and political beliefs; however, his stemmed from butting heads with Kameelah (the young, black female) over their different ideological stances (he’s conservative, she’s liberal).

America's future leaders. via NY Post

If you’re under 25 and have any political aspirations, this news is probably the most reassuring thing you’ve ever heard. After all, now who’s going to tell you that Facebook photos will bring down your 2032 Senate career? If MTV reality stars have shots at getting elected, that photo from freshman year of you throwing up after doing a Keg stand shouldn’t be a sweat. However, with that said, I don’t think you’re ever going to see anyone from The Real World: Las Vegas getting elected to political office (as much as I’d love to see a “Trishelle for America” bumper sticker). So on second thought, maybe you shouldn’t relax your Facebook privacy settings quite so quickly…


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