Super Excited for “Super 8”

Unlike most of America, I’m not that excited to start the summer movie season tonight with the release of Iron Man 2. Since I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the original Iron Man, I think I may sit this one out. With that said, I am ridiculously excited for JJ Abrams’ teaser trailer for Super 8, which will play in theaters before Iron Man 2.

As details, the movie will take place in the 1970’s:

“A pickup truck veers onto a train track, heading directly for a locomotive. The legend appears: ‘In 1979, the US Air Force closed a section of Area 51. All the materials were to be transported to a secure facility in Ohio.’ The truck hits the train, and both fly off the tracks in an explosion. Focus on one train car that was spared, and a heavy pounding is heard from inside.”

This little dilemma brings back memories of the summer of 2007 – in which I had no desire to see Transformers, but was ravenous to catch any second I could of the Cloverfield trailer that was playing before it. After a lot of debate with myself (which included smart economic terms like “sunk cost” and “cost benefit analysis” which I’m sure I misused), I decided to pay the price to see Transformers, but skip out as soon as the trailer played. For that 30-second moment in the theater, when JJ Abrams gave me a tiny vision into the masterpiece that is his brain, it was quite a rush. But then, as soon as I got home and found out that a pirated version was posted everywhere on the internet already- my happiness wore off.

Abrams. Spielberg. Amazing. via SlashFilm

So, this weekend, I’m once confronted with this same dilemma. However, after the lesson I learned last time, I think I’m probably going to just wait for the crappy pirated YouTube video to hit my home computer. After all, summer movie season is expensive, and we’re in for a long summer…



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2 responses to “Super Excited for “Super 8”

  1. im sorry but youre a moron. you paid money to go see the original transformers, only to see the trailer for cloverfield? are you fucking insane?

  2. I watched it frame by frame and found a few things.

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