ASOS: Quite Possibly the Best Webstore…Ever

Cavallari's cover. via TheLipstickDiaries

Online clothing store ASOS was officially launched in the year 2000, but I only discovered the site until late last year. While many have proclaimed the past decade as one of “zero” or nothingness, I can safely say that this one discovery at the eleventh-hour of 2009, made that decade as a whole worthwhile for me. While it began as a clothing store, ASOS has transformed over the years, and now produces its own clothing, publishes its own magazine, and has become a lifestyle brand in its own right.

Bilson's magazines, at least. via IvoryGlam

But, be careful with ASOS. On a recent night, a casual visit resulted in a massive emptying of my wallet, the loss of hours of productivity, and a strange (but temporary) yearning to be British. The reasons why this site is so amazing are many – an insane amount of variety, shockingly low prices, fashion-forward choices, and probably the most easily navigable shopping site I’ve ever seen. What other internet portal lets you search by size, style, color, brand, and price range all at once? And then once you’ve found something, let’s you have almost every detail you could ask about the product. Best of all? For us Americans, you can conveniently switch the site from pricing in pounds to American dollars. Genius! Unless you don’t really want to know how much you’re spending…which I often find I don’t…

Gaga goes wild for Asos. via Flickr

I’d love to keep ASOS my little secret, but it’s only a matter of time until it’s everywhere. When it’s this easy to use, this in-style, and this rapidly on the rise, how could it ever stay a secret forever?


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