Why Aren’t You Following: TGIF Edition

Anything that deals with TGIF automatically becomes a passion project of mine, so here you go — the TGIF throwbacks that you need to be following on Twitter ASAP:

DAVE COULIER aka Joey from Full House :: @davecoulier

Choice post: “”Sir Dave Coulier” last night on 30 Rock. The writers must be Full House fans!”

JALEEL WHITE aka Urkel from Family Matters :: @jaleel_white

Choice post: “Thanx 2 my new #JustinBieber haircut, Disney Channel just offered me a new series… Now if I could only keep this hair out of my eyes, sh*t”

RIDER STRONG aka Sean from Boy Meets World :: @onthestorm

Choice post: “Ok, that’s pretty funny. RT: @daveshumka What does Ben Savage want to do to Danielle Fishel? Rider Strong.”


And if you didn’t see this, here’s a group singing an a cappella medley of TGIF songs on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Life complete.


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