Idol Hangover: Meet Your Final Four

I don’t think I’ve felt more satisfied by another elimination this entire season. Goodbye, Aaron Kelly, and so long. You should have been gone back in there were 12 singers vying for our attention, but America made us painfully sit through this season and listen to you each week. It’s been a long wait, but it’s worth it now that you’ve been eliminated – have fun in Idol irrelevance land and make sure to say hi to Sanjaya for us.

Adios, Aaron. via LizzieLikesJBieber

1. Lee Dewyze – I think everyone pretty much agreed that Lee was the standout this week. His performance was way above everyone else’s, and he came off as the only one capable of holding up Sinatra’s legacy. His confidence has consistently grown in recent weeks and his commercial appeal is probably among the strongest of any of the finalist. Like I’ve said before, we’re increasingly looking at a Lee-Crystal finale. (same as last week)

2. Crystal Bowersox – Her performance last night garnered a split decision among critics, but I was certainly a fan. Throughout the competition, she’s shown an ability to adapt to different musical styles and still remain true to her own personality. Crystal’s limited appeal, however, may ultimately keep her from winning the competition. Then again, past winners like Taylor Hicks and Fantasia didn’t have the mass appeal that Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood did. (same as last week)

3. Casey James – Frank Sinatra was not a good luck charm for Casey. This week was rough, and even Ellen, who seems to struggle when searching for negative vocabulary words, didn’t like it. Next week, he’s going to really have to bring his a-game to impress the judges and the audience to gain some momentum as the competition moves into the last round. (same as last week)

4. Michael Lynche – He has one of the stronger performances last night, but that’s not enough at this point. Having been eliminated once, he has to do something so incredibly over-the-top to put him back into contention to win that it seems almost impossible at this point. With that said, he has clung on for this long… (up one)

As we look forward to next week’s theme “Songs of the Cinema,” with mentor Jamie Foxx (eww, but probably better than Harry Connick Jr.), it’ll be interesting to see who makes it and who ends up on the cutting room floor.


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One response to “Idol Hangover: Meet Your Final Four

  1. claudia robinson

    crystal and lee are the best they were a knock out tuesday night i think crystal and lee are gonna be the last two you go crystal and lee but i do think crystal is gonna win i love her voice

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