Ole! It’s Cinco de Drinko!

With Summer just around the corner, you better get a head start on finding the perfect margarita in town. Well – you’re in luck today. What better occasion to down tequilla than Cinco de Mayo? Check out these celebrations throughout the city – but keep in mind – the federales will be out in force all night long.

Delicioso! via Flickr

Acapulco – Chain restaurant Acapulco will be hosting all day long Cinco de Mayo specials at their outlets throughout the city – including the college-crowded location in Westwood. If you are coordinated enough to check their website before going, you can even get a free order of guacamole!

Loteria Grill – The Hollywood Farmers Market Mexican staple will be offering special appetizers, cocktails, and live music throughout the day. You can also enjoy the festivities at the restaurant’s Studio City location all day as well.

Border Grill – Susan Feniger’s Santa Monica outpost will be extending happy hour from just three measily hours to an all day event. Enjoy 5 dollar drinks, 3 dollar tacos, 5 dollar appetizers, chili poppers and desserts throughout the day (even at 11:00AM).

Check out more places to celebrate the excuse to get sloppy. And remember, if you miss out on the partying, Acapulco has weekly Crazy Combo Thursdays – so Seis de Mayo may not be so bad after all.


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