Idol Hangover: The Five Sing Sinatra

In case you didn’t catch last night’s American Idol (were you watching Jin & Sun reenact Titanic?), here are last night’s three best performances:

Crystal Bowersox – Without having to give up who she is as a singer, she proved that she has some range and can move outside of her comfort zone. In a night with few likeable performances, her’s was smooth and easy to listen to – which says a lot for the episode.

Lee Dewyze – He looked more comfortable than ever. Will his momentum be enough to overtake Crystal and win it all?

Michael Lynche – He’s lucky that standards night came when it did and that it fit him so well – otherwise I’d likely say it was Mike’s time to go. Whether his luck will continue remains to be seen, but his performance was one of the better ones last night.

Who’s in danger tonight?
I know making a 16-year-old sing Frank Sinatra is a stretch, but last night was seriously painful for Aaron Kelly. It not only revealed how youthful and unprepared he is for stardom, but also made me fearful that we may have a Wayne Newton-clone on our hands. Casey James, what happened? We knew going into it that standards were not his thing – but still, rough.


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