Grab Some Grub: The Restaurant at the Sunset Marquis

It pains me to write this because in doing so, I’m giving away one of my favorite secrets about LA: the Restaurant at the Sunset Marquis. Quietly tucked away inside the hotel famous for housing insanely out-of-control rockers, this Restaurant is one of the most tranquil and private places to enjoy a meal in LA. After passing through the hotel’s lobby and pool area, you’ll find yourself set away from Sunset and Alta Loma, and in the middle of a garden that could be miles outside of Hollywood. 

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Besides the tranquility, the restaurant also offers up great food and people-watching. Apparently, this secret is getting out since every time I’ve gone there’s been more and more famous couples dining there as well. The food is mostly light Californian fare, with the typical steak, fish, and chicken options you’d imagine from any similar restaurant. However, by sitting at an isolated table, in the middle of such a famed spot, somehow the experience feels heightened in some way. Dinner is almost a show in-and-of-itself at the Sunset Marquis, since every diner has to parade down a bridge, in full view of the other patrons, before entering the restaurant. 

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Along with a large patio and open-walled dining room, the restaurant also houses a smaller outdoor bar (perfect for one or two drinks before heading out to somewhere crazier) and a private dining room that can host a larger party. While things won’t get as out of control as the hotel’s history would seem to suggest, a night at this restaurant will be equally hard to forget. 

The Restaurant at the Sunset Marquis is located at 1200 Alta Loma Road in West Hollywood. Reservations can be made at 310.358.3759. 


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