GLEE in the Hands of a Rock Junkie… What a Scary Place We’ve Found

Madonna last week, a cameo by Olivia Newton-John this week, Lady Gaga and Britney episodes on the way… Glee definitely has its favorite artists, and by now the show has made enough of a pop culture impact that the music industry is paying plenty of attention. But I’ve noticed that the Glee playlist is pretty much the same you’d find on any drag queen’s iPod — so what about the rest of us? As a rockaholic, here are some of the themed episodes I’d love to see on Glee —


Alice + Artie = Gold

Kurt’s dad makes some more gay comments, sending the little guy into a heartbreaking rendition of “Only Women Bleed.” Rachel gets all up in Mercedes’ grill – as usual, that obnoxious bitch – and Mercedes breaks out a defiant “Go To Hell.” Cameo by Alice singing a duet of “Dead Babies” with Artie because, well, that’d be awesome for no particular reason.



Confused Male Teacher intros with “Master of Puppets,” while Confused Female Teacher with Bug Eyes sings “Poor Twisted Me.” The Glee Gang competes against the bad ass rivals, but take home the prize with their a cappella version of “Stone Cold Crazy.”


Singin' alone, drinkin' alone

Obligatory: Finn sings “You Talk Too Much” to Rachel in the beginning of the episode, which later prompts her sloppy bar scene tune “1 Whiskey, 1 Scotch, and 1 Beer.” Confused Male Teacher sings “I Really Like Girls” — no one believes him. And then Quinn sings “Woman with the Blues,” and we all get sad and shit.


He'd mess them kids up.

Sue Sylvester makes an appearance with “Raw Power” as she leads the Cheerios to Nationals. Tries to thwart the Glee club’s attempts to -fill in the blank-, but the kids fight back with “Gimme Danger.” Confused Female Teacher with Google Eyes serenades Confused Male Teacher with “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” Interrupted by an Iggy cameo, and, well, the truth about Teacher’s sexuality is at last revealed!

Oh, and here’s the Olivia Newton-John “Physical” cameo if you didn’t catch it last night:


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