Grab Some Grub: James Beach

It may be dirty and sketchy, but Venice happens to also be one of the coolest and most eclectic communities in Los Angeles. Along those lines, popular neighborhood restaurant James Beach fits right in. After stepping into the bar/restaurant, don’t be fooled – the tropical setting, neon lighting, and Margaritaville mood will make you think you’re in Florida – but you’re really just a few steps away from the Pacific. The portions are large, the drinks are strong, and the servers will make you want to over-indulge every step of the meal. I guess that’s what they mean by Southern hospitality…

It's cool. Trust me. via Flickr

Among the top things on the menu are the restaurants various fish dishes (including Sand Dabs, Halibut, and Salmon), a tuna tar-tar appetizer shaped in the form of a fish, and an incredible “Mykonos Plate” made up of hummus, pita, tzatziki, and olives. The desert is equally amazing – with huge slices of pecan pie and sundaes parading around from table to table.

Eat or drink? Tough choice. via Flickr

While most come to James Beach to eat, there was also a large crowd there looking just to drink. With a sports-themed area in the back, both indoor and outdoor bars, are drinks as strong as a Florida hurricane, you can’t go wrong if you’re lucky enough to have James Beach as your local watering hole.

Yep, those lamps are underwear. via Flickr

James Beach is located at 60 N. Venice Blvd. in Venice. Reservations can be made at 310.823.5396.


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