Cartoon Bash: The Fight for Controversial Supremacy in Toonland

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South Park is going through a renaissance period. From the gingers to the Tiger Woods to the Mohammeds, what’s old is new again, and South Park is back to breaking new comedic ground.

Family Guy was in the news recently for its 150th episode, definitely an achievement for a show that was canceled and then given a second chance. The underdog became this huge cultural phenonemon, and for a while, it seemed more relevant than South Park or any other adult cartoon. But lately it has seemed to fall off the radar. They made a good showing during the Oscars with their hilarious For Your Consideration viral videos, but the show has been relatively quiet since they lost the award.

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Then came the 150th episode. Stewie and Brian locked in a bank vault, Brian eating the contents of Stewie’s dirty diaper. It was an extended character piece, intriguing but with the shock value seemingly empty. Maybe I’m just one of the people who didn’t “get it” to the full extent. But even if South Park’s latest news-making episodes have been publicity stunts or hijink-y, they still feel timely, still seem to say something about society without pointing the finger at any one institution. Family Guy seems to be losing its footing a little relevancy-wise and the laughs just don’t come like they used to. In the epic battle of cartoon supremacy, South Park is winning, and Family Guy will need to step up its game for a shot at the title.


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