Where Will You Celebrate Tequilla?

With Cinco de Mayo this Wednesday, it’s time to start thinking about where you can celebrate Mexican history with pitchers of margaritas and a case of bean-fueled indigestion. To celebrate the special occasion, we’ve highlighted some of LA’s best places to take some shots of tequila. Como se dice “hangover” en espanol?

Rosa Mexicano = muy bueno. via Flickr

Rosa Mexicano – Downtown

Setting up shop with its first location in Los Angeles, popular New York Mexican cantina, Rosa Mexicano, opened up in Downtown’s LA Live last year. Rosa Mexicano has some of the best guacamole in town – so it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a place to enjoy some margaritas, some chips, but want to skip out on anything heartier.

El Cholo - mucho history here. via Flickr

El Cholo – Santa Monica

One of LA’s classic Mexican restaurants, El Cholo has multiple locations, and has served up tacos and burritos since 1927. The Santa Monica location opened up in the late 90’s, and has become a popular neighborhood destination ever since. Expect a wait on Cinco de Mayo, since the restaurant has a line almost every night of the week. Now that green corn tamales are back (El Cholo only serves them May through October), people will be back in droves for the return of one of their favorite dishes.

Margarita or Fountain of Youth? via Flickr

El Coyote – Hollywood

El Coyote is another longstanding Mexican tradition in Los Angeles. Located in Hollywood, the restaurant has attracted many over the years by offering up some of the most intoxicating and dangerous margaritas in the city. In addition to have some of the nicest servers of any restaurant in LA, their food is also dirt cheap, and quite a bit better than other more upscale Mexican restaurants in town. Like El Cholo, expect a long wait.

Neon sign to heaven. via Flickr

The Spanish Kitchen – West Hollywood

While technically named for Spanish cuisine (which is quite different from Mexican food), the Spanish Kitchen’s a big misnomer. You won’t find tapas here – just fajitas, quesadillas, and other Mexican delights. The restaurant serves up some great margaritas, but one of their best specialties is their sangria. Whether in blanca or roja, it will rock your world all the same.

Sloppy on Sunset. via Flickr

Cabo Cantina – West Hollywood

If you’re looking to skip the whole dinner part of Cinco de Mayo altogether and would prefer a bar instead, Cabo Cantina might your best bet. With two locations in Santa Monica and two locations in West Hollywood, this chain has built a mini-empire on cheap drinks and “spring break”-themed nights. If you’re going to get sloppy anywhere on Cinco de Mayo, this is probably the place it’s most likely to happen.


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2 responses to “Where Will You Celebrate Tequilla?

  1. Rasaca = hangover
    Piripi = tipsy
    borracho = drunk

    These will come in handy on Cinco de Drinko

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