And They Seemed So Harmless… Ending our Celeb Love Affairs

Every so often, celebs make PR mistakes that literally make a whole fan base fall out of love with them. It happened to Rosie, it happened to that asshole from Grey’s Anatomy… and on the grander scale, it happened to Chris Brown. Can we learn to forgive? Only time will tell. But for now, here’s the hotlist of celebs that we wouldn’t mind side-lining for a while —

Katherine Heigl

via gossipchic

Why no love? :: A little too self-righteous for not being an amazing actress. Tried way too hard to claw her way into the hearts of the American public. Oh… and she’s downright insulting. Remember when she turned down a potential Emmy nod for Grey’s because she didn’t feel her part was written well enough? There’s no better way to get a writing staff to write you into a scene giving a deer CPR (true story) than to insult their writing skills.

Jay Leno

via NBC

Why no love? :: This one’s too easy. Please refer to Late Night Wars scandal of 2010. Paper beats rock, Conan beats Leno… always.

Jessica Alba

via vivirlatino

Why no love? :: Ok, Jessica is by no means down for the count. And, well, unlike Katherine, there’s no debate to whether or not she’s hot. She just is. So she’s got that going for her. But she definitely isn’t America’s Sweetheart, partly because of comments she made about not being connected to her Latina heritage. Honestly, I think the Perez Hilton hate machine is somewhat to blame for Jessica being stuck in actress limbo. Referring to her as “Jessica – don’t call me Latina – Alba” certainly hasn’t helped her image at all.

Megan Fox

via gawker

Why no love? :: Granted we’ve never loved her, but the hatred runs pretty deep… at least, among females. And Megan knows it. Guys still love her, but not in a respectful, snuggly sort of way. No one wishes that much good on Megan Fox, which she probably doesn’t deserve for any good reason, but she definitely has a chilly front that we just can’t seem to get over.


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