Grab Some Grub: The Buffalo Club

If you happen to work on the stretch of Olympic between 3rd St. and Bundy in Santa Monica, your dining options are incredibly limited. Sure, you can run out to Stefan’s at LA Farm, but there isn’t a lot else around. One long-standing and solid option? The Buffalo Club.

It's not THAT old. via Flickr

Although it’s only been open for about 15 years, the Buffalo Club could trick you into thinking it’s been serving food since the 1920’s. Sure, the drinks are themed on around drinks that were last popular around the prohibition, but they’re still great today. Likewise, the menu is full of classic items, but also includes enough options for LA’s pickier eaters (vegetarians, vegans, etc.). Dessert also presents a challenge since everything is delicious, but you’ll barely have enough room for it.

Summer under the stars. via ChinaShopMag

As for the restaurant space, the venue consists of a large outdoor space (a beautiful patio under oriental lamps and a cloth tent until summer arrives), and an indoor area that looks like it came out of a 1940’s Hollywood set. To further play up the old-school theme, Frank Sinatra music plays throughout the night and the waiters are all classically dressed (although the Cranberries came on later as the crowd got younger). So, even though the restaurant is in the middle of an area with limited choices, you should still consider it a great option to have no matter where in town you’re located.

The Buffalo Club is located at 1520 Olympic Blvd. in Santa Monica. Reservations can be made at 310.450.8600.


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