Grab Some Grub: The Brentwood

Located in the Brentwood Village off of Barrington, The Brentwood Restaurant & Lounge is a dark, intimate place to grab both a casual dinner or the perfect spot for a more special outing. Owned by the same family that also runs popular Santa Monica spots Capo, Cora’s Coffee Shop, and Broadway Deli, The Brentwood has a distinctly different feel from the others. For one, it has a popular bar scene for the 30’s crowd, something that the others don’t. Correspondingly, the volume of the restaurant is also much higher…but that doesn’t seem to bother most of the crowd.

Your memory will be just as fuzzy. via HomesOnWestside

The food at The Brentwood is mostly made up of classic dishes – fish, chicken, and meat entrees with sides that the table can share. Some of the best items include their frisee lardon salad, halibut, and hamburger (often cited as one of LA’s best). In addition, with a full bar also comes a full cocktail list – and the drinks they serve up at the Brentwood are both strong and delicious (an often dangerous pairing).

Beckoning you in. via Gadish

While the crowd is more laid back than the typical scene at San Vicente’s Tavern or Vincente, there is still a vibrant atmosphere throughout the night. Most celebrities looking for publicity will probably shy away from this neighborhood spot, but don’t be surprised if you see Lakers players, big time city politicians, or the governor eating here on the same night…or at the same table for that matter.

The Brentwood is located at 148 S. Barrington Ave in Brentwood. Reservations can be made at 310.476.3511.


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