Lost: The Final Countdown

With only 3 weeks (!) until the season finale, we take a look at what the last few episodes of our beloved series have in store. While there aren’t any real spoilers below, we will give our theories on what will be revealed and some theories on the mysteries we may never learn about that island we’ve come to love to hate.

May 4 – “The Candidate” – ABC’s description tells us that “Jack must decide whether to trust Locke after he is asked to follow through on a difficult task.” Hmm…how informative. But seriously, isn’t that what every episode’s plot can be summarized as? We know that Jacob is dead and that the Man In Black does not want him to be replaced by “the candidate” aka an heir. People have speculated all season long about who the last candidate left will be, and it seems like most people have settled on Jack. That would certainly fit with this episode’s vague description; but then again, so would almost anything. One thing is certain though – I think there will have to be some major deaths to narrow down the possibilities…which means that many of our favorite characters are in deep jeopardy.

How will you celebrate the end? via Flickr

May 11 – “Across the Sea” – Rumor has it that this episode will be the one devoted to explaining who the MIB and Jacob are – or at least what their relationship is. Is the MIB the biblical character Esau, the brother of Jacob? That seems like too easy of an explanation. When did they arrive on the island? Have they been there forever? And why do they hate each other. Hopefully, these questions and more will finally be answered. Expect a mythological doozy.

May 18 – “What They Died For” – This is the one that will probably offer the most closure people are looking for. While the last episode will certain wrap up loose ends, I’m sure that Carlton and Damon will most likely want to spend the episode giving us some final touching moments with the characters we’ve come to love, which leaves us with this week to wrap up mysteries and storylines. Certainly the name should be a tip off – expect this one to be the episode we see Libby, Ana Lucia, Shannon, Boone, Michael, Juliet, Mr. Eko, and so many others who have met their end on the island…and the episode we find out why their deaths were part of some sort of a grand plan. Oh, and as for Juliet…we haven’t seen her in the flashforwards yet. We also haven’t seen David (Jack’s son)’s mother, either? Coincidence?

Only Hurley would be able to eat an entire van. via Flickr

May 23 – “The End” – *SPOILER ALERT* I don’t want to ruin it for everyone, but there are huge rumors circulating that the final scene of lost will involve water. If any indication is correct, this season has toyed with the idea of the island being the meeting point between heaven, hell, and earth. Not necessarily purgatory, but something in that vein. Early on in lost, the blast door map in the hatch referenced “Cerberus” multiple times. In ancient Greco-Roman mythology, Cerberus is the watchdog of the underworld. We’ve recently found out that the MIB = the smoke monster = Cerberus. It’d make some sense that Jacob is the gatekeeper for heaven and MIB the gatekeeper for hell, right? If that’s the case, where will everyone end up? Another theory about “water”? Well, remember how I mentioned that every season begins by revealing the end? Well, the island was submerged underwater. Wouldn’t it be fitting if one of the character’s final actions caused the island to sink, therefore revealing that the flashsideways are an epilogue to the series?

Of course, I could always be wrong about everything. I guess we’ll find out on May 23. As much as this show drives me crazy, when it’s over, I know that I’ll truly be LOST without it.


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