Just When I Thought I Had My Comic Books Down…

Who the hell is Jonah Hex? Apparently he’s from some comic book, and the internets are all a-buzz over the trailer that was released today.

No idea who this is either. They should make a movie about him though. via biblioklept

Well, Comic Book World… you’ve lost me. I was on board with the Dark Knight and the Fantastic Four. Spiderman, got it. Then Hollywood sent its proverbial interns to Meltdown Comics and made them dig deep for material– and they found it! Scott Pilgrim, Kick-Ass, The Spirit— all based off comic books, all things I hadn’t heard of until the movies came out.

But I can’t complain. I’d never have found these comic books on my own, and as NBC says… “The More You Know.” So I guess I’ll just sit tight and let Hollywood continue to educate me on comic book history, obscure character after obscure character.


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