Infamy Ain’t Pretty

Last month, we told you the scandalous story behind E!’s newest reality show, Pretty Wild. Accompanying that story were links and photos from Vanity Fair‘s now infamous feature on the now infamous bunch. Well, this past week on Pretty Wild, the story came full circle. Alexis’ unflattering spread in Vanity Fair became its own story as Alexis broke down in tears over her newly found fame. Usually, I would believe that I’m going to hell over laughing at a child’s tears, but in this case, I can make a strong exception.

Reality TV: Highlighting the worst parts of real reality since 1991. via E!

Alexis Neiers is not a child. She is 18. She knew what she was doing when she broke into people’s homes and consciously made the decision to steal from them. Unlike the show’s portrayal of Alexis, I have a harder time seeing the gray area in what she did. It seems pretty black and white to me. While I don’t apologize for a lack of sympathy to Alexis for committing the crimes she did, I do have a shred of compassion for her since she is clearly the way she is because of her mother, Andrea Arlington.

Arlington is a former “model” and current attention-whoring psychopath. Drowning her children in adderall, encouraging their obsession with celebrity, and constantly downplaying the serious criminal trouble her daughter is in, she has given her desperate-for-attention children deep psychological disorders. At this point, I’m a little surprised E! hasn’t had child protective services intervene as one of this season’s plot lines. Then again, I probably shouldn’t give them any ideas.

Unlike Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is also about a family with fringe fame, this show lacks the subtle moral stories on which Kardashians builds its episodes. True – those morals may be ridculously dilluted and probably only believable to 5-year-olds, but they are there nonetheless. On top of that, the Kardashians may be obnoxious, but at least they have a degree of likability to them. After watching the Neiers clan, the only thing you find yourself rooting for is for them all to end up in jail – not just one of them. After all, if that were to happen, there would be no chance of a second season…but knowing E!, I shouldn’t give them any benefit of the doubt.


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5 responses to “Infamy Ain’t Pretty

  1. I would sympathize with Alexis if she were to show ANY humility.

  2. MK and every1 eles that has a past, been young or is a human! So she is on TV and your not! Coming down on these teens is not the way to make your self feel better, Im pretty fucking sure you have done worse, than hanging out wit the wrong crowd or fucked to many men/girls…. EVERYONE has a past and something they dont want to share. As for the family Neiers-Arlington ” My heart and best wishes goes out for you guys. Stay strong dont let small minded people get to you! They really need to have a talk with their god and remember YOU ARE NO1 TO JUDGE, that Gods job, GET UR FUCKING OWN!
    I get irate when I read people say things like, Tess Taylor, the oldest sister and Playboy cybergirl is suppose to be the star of the show. Instead, she comes across as insecure and whiny girl who chases wannabe rockers around town… coming from and the person that wrote the artical (that doesnt have any balls to post their own name.) prob coming from someone that was or still is a fat head pass junkie or slut!!!!! You should be ashamed of your self, passing judgment on a child that has only lived 1/4 of her life and has 3/4 left…… Pretty Fucking Sad. Whats funny is they are making money while you have nothing better to do then publish her arrest and mistakes. To the family “Neiers-Arlington” it doesnt matter if you have the same blood or even if you have made mistakes. God always forgives the good when they ask for forgiveness!!!!
    Speak the Truth!!!

    • Hmm, it doesn’t get much worse then breaking into a house, drunk, with a group of people. That’s how horrible things happen and people get hurt. Imagine if someone was home and you had a group of young adults scared, rich, and not wanting to get caught… what would happen then? That’s the beginning of every murder story you see on tv or read about, “we didn’t mean to hurt him it was an accidenttttt.” Maybe you should look at the big picture and understand people need to take responsibilty for their actions regardless of consequences.

  3. I totally agree with your comments. I couldn’t figure out who these girls when they landed the show. It looks like E! is going for a National Enquirer meets Jerry Springer type show. Three years from now NO ONE will care who these girls are. Very sad. Gabby is the only one who seems like she has a chance, the other two…

  4. @anonymous II… you spelled “article” wrong.

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