Idol Hangover: The Final Five

There’s a widely believed Idol myth that says that Country Week will always bring with it the shocking elimination of one of the strongest contestants. This year, that seems to be no different. After a great performance on Tuesday (albeit a bit too much screaming), Siobhan met her match in Shania, and her Idol dream has come to an end. How does that leave our rankings this week?

Any Man of Hers...except the ones who didn't vote for her. via Flickr

1. Lee Dewyze – I’m going to take a big risk here and put him at the top of the rankings. Crystal’s momentum seems to have slowed a bit and her winning isn’t as assured as many once thought. Lee’s been a solid performer and has been amazingly stable each week. If he works up his personality a bit and shows us some new skills, he may lock the competition up. (up one)

2. Crystal Bowersox – As the only girl left in the competition, she has a natural edge going into the final rounds. However, that doesn’t last past the last three. While she may be the best singer, her commercial appeal is questionable at best. If she shapes up this week and next, she could move back up to the top of the pack. (down one)

3. Casey James – This week should have been his time to shine. After characterizing himself as bluesy soul singer, the transition to country pop should have been easy. While his performance was decent, something didn’t connect, and he was once again in the bottom three…not a good sign going into the final round. However, all the talk of momentum that isn’t on Lee is on Casey right now, and that is saying something. (same as last week)

4. Aaron Kelly – His performance this week was fine – but he’s still in that young, immature role. He really needs to have an incredible performance to prove that he’s capable of more than what he’s demonstrated. Remember that past contestants who were so young have almost all flopped (with Jordin Sparks being one exception). (up one)

5. Michael Lynche – Siobhan’s going home tonight can probably be traced back a few weeks to Michael’s save. Warranted or not, it certainly has reshaped the way the final rounds have played out. The problem with Michael is that he also isn’t very commercial, and that any career he has will be short-lived. Two words: Ruben Studdard. (up one)

The last rounds have brought some upsets and shocks, and with only five left to go, things only promise to get more interesting. Who’s going to make it to the end? At the rate of these recent surprises, I don’t think anyone may know…


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One response to “Idol Hangover: The Final Five

  1. The eliminations do not make sense because of power texting. It does not matter who has the most fans but how many times they vote. It is why Adam lost last year.

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