Why Aren’t You Following… Washed-Up 90’s Rappers Edition

And by washed-up 90’s rappers… I mean, living legends in the limited hits department. Disrespect? NEVER.

VANILLA ICE :: @vanillaice

Choice Tweet: “My song with Jedward in the UK is still # 1 this week and selling like crazy ! most def going platinum! WOW! GO NINJA GO NINJA GO !!! LOL!”

MC HAMMER :: @mchammer

Choice Tweet: “Here it is, me and the Rabbi Have a great day !!! http://twitpic.com/1hb3no

COOLIO :: @coolio

Choice Tweet: “Coolio’s Cookbook=the greatest thing ever created.”

And to answer your questions: I don’t know how Vanilla Ice is #1 in the UK, I don’t know why MC Hammer is hanging with a rabbi, and yes, apparently Coolio actually has a cookbook. You’re welcome.


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