The Pink Slip: Too Old for Young Hollywood

To be part of “Young Hollywood,” you have to be… well, young. The phrase is thrown around far too often for celebs that are just past their prime. But then again, being part of Young Hollywood means being in the same category as Kristin Cavallari and the Pretty Wild hos, so being off the Young Hollywood list might not be such a bad thing. Here are our most recent stars to get kicked out of the youngins’ club:

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Nicole Richie :: After some stints in rehab, getting married, and popping out a kid, Nicole can’t party like she used to. It’s more likely to find her strolling through interior design stores on Melrose than doing drugs or pitching season 17 of The Simple Life these days. But she taught us an important lesson about Young Hollywood: being Paris Hilton’s sidekick puts some real wear and tear on a person.

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Leonardo DiCaprio :: Surprisingly, the baby-faced Oscar nominee who pals around with the likes of Scorcese and DeNiro still gets clumped into the Young Hollywood category on occasion. People, Gilbert Grape was a long time ago. The man is 36! I know he’s often seen out and about at night in LA, but once you’ve pantomimed sex with Kate Winslet on several occasions, you deserve to be promoted out of the club.

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Britney Spears :: 28 is by no means old, but once you’ve gone crazy, your membership in Young Hollywood is partially taken away (hence why Lindsay is still around.) Having children ups your chances of being outed– she has 2. Oh, and disappearing from society. That’s the clincher in Brit’s case. I don’t think there’s any coming back from this one for Baby B, but that’s probably a good thing.

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Heidi Montag :: 24-years-old? Hm… her face would seem to suggest otherwise. Once you become a robot, you automatically get kicked out of Young Hollywood. And notice how we don’t see Heidi out partying too much these days, as her new plastic digestive system she had installed doesn’t allow for the imbibing of alcohol. But we can still drink in her honor during the last season of the Hills with the Smogger’s Hills-themed drinking game.


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